1. Smudhie

    Therapeutic Peptides

    I am researching Therapeutic Peptides as this appears to be largely under researches in the ME community. There are many peptides regulating various mechanisms in the body and I am particularly interested in Annexin A1 which may reduce inflammation of the brain. Has anyone here had any...
  2. P

    Interview with Professor Jo Nijs

    Jo Nijs is a Professor of Physiotherapy at the Vrije University of Brussels, Belgum and a manual therapist at the University Hospital Brussels. He is holder of the Chair, ‘Exercise Immunology and Chronic Fatigue in Health and Disease’ at the Vrije University of Brussels created by the research...
  3. P

    Ubiome Explorer +, Parasite Infections and CFS

    I was diagnosed with CFS/ME at Stanford's CFS Clinic in 2015. I helped fund Dr Naviaux's Metabolomics Study, was a CFS participant and it confirmed I was in the CFS/ME group based on my metabolomics profile. I have struggled with CFS and a wide range of ever worsening symptoms for more than 15...
  4. LondonPots

    Younger - Neuroinflammation - brainscanning

    So, Jared Younger is pushing to develop a way to measure neuroinflammation. I'm actually astonished this doesn't exist yet! Question 1: I had to have CAT and MRI brain scans recently to find the cause of some nasal pain/facial neuralgia. They didn't find anything, probably because inflammation...
  5. Cort

    Jarred Younger's Big Year - ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia Researcher Looks Ahead

    Our goal is to end chronic pain and fatigue for millions of people across the world. Neuroinflammation, Fatigue and Pain Lab At the IACFS/ME Conference Dr. Montoya said something about trying to get Younger back to Stanford. I don't think that's going to happen. Younger is living proof that...
  6. Tina

    An Inflammatory Theory of Brain Disease

    This article is about brain inflammation, not ME/CFS. If you believe that brain inflammation could be the cause of ME/CFS then it might be a good read. Although the article is longish, I found it to be written in a nice, easy style. And if brain inflammation is a great unifier of many diseases...

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