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  1. Cort

    Open Medicine Foundation Receives Monster Donation For ME/CFS

    Patient Community Comes Through Just a couple of months ago, Davis was so concerned that the OMF's inability to secure funding for an NIH research center grant would impact donations that he publicly shared some of the head-shaking comments by the reviewers. Boy was he wrong. On Giving...
  2. Cort

    Bedside Chats with Ron Davis

    Something new from Janet Dafoe :) I'm so happy to post the first in our new series "Bedside Chats with Ben". I have long wanted to get more science from lots of different scientists on PR, and help patients have more contact with them. The idea of this series is for Ben to have informal chats...
  3. Cort

    Ron Davis on Possibly Explaining (Almost) Everything in ME/CFS: The #MissingMillions Talk

    What an exciting presentation took place at the San Francisco #MissingMillions protest site on May 25th. Not only did Ron Davis of the Open Medicine Foundation say that he thinks (very early in the OMF's End ME/CFS project, by the way) that not only do they believe that they're really onto...
  4. Cort

    Captain Underpants! Ron Davis Like You've Never Seen Him Before - The OMF Underwear Funding Drive

    Join "Captain Underpants" (aka Dr. Ron Davis, OMF Scientific Advisory Board Director) ! Be Our Superhero! Wear Your Undies On The Outside for ME/CFS We’re reaching out now to announce the launch of an exciting campaign to raise money for ME/CFS research that was put together for the OMF End...

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