Captain Underpants! Ron Davis Like You've Never Seen Him Before - The OMF Underwear Funding Drive

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  1. Cort

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    Join "Captain Underpants" (aka Dr. Ron Davis, OMF Scientific Advisory Board Director) !

    Be Our Superhero! Wear Your Undies On The Outside for ME/CFS

    We’re reaching out now to announce the launch of an exciting campaign to raise money for ME/CFS research that was put together for the OMF End ME/CFS Project by a lot of hard work by some awesome new friends in the UK and Australia!

    As you know, ME/CFS is an “invisible illness,” but starting today, we’re wearing our support on the outside – with our undies!

    The Undies Challenge aims to be a fun and engaging campaign that encourages conversation around the common misconceptions about the condition as well as raising much-needed funds. The nature of the challenge is also sensitive to those who are bed-bound or physically limited, allowing everyone to convey their energy and passion for life, though ME/CFS often means they can't.​

    All funds will be going to the OMF End ME/CFS Project.

    Our initial goal is to raise $10,000 by International ME/CFS & FM Awareness Day on May 12. After that, the sky's the limit!

    And we need your help. We’d love if you’d be our superhero (superheroes wear their undies on the outside, and you need to be a superhero to live with this disease)!

    What do you do now?
    • Share the message! Feel free to forward this email to let your networks in on the campaign.
    • Do the challenge! Simply wear your Undies On The Outside, or get as creative as you want! Share the photos with your social media networks (instructions below), and take a look at an example attached for inspiration.
    • Follow us on and to see everyone’s photos, as well as for updates on the campaign.
    HOW DO I DO THE CHALLENGE? (post your photo on social media, then copy & paste these instructions)
    I’m a Superhero and wearing my undies on the outside to end ME/CFS! I nominate X, Y and Z to do the #UndiesChallenge
    1. Take a photo or video wearing your undies on the outside
    2. Donate $10 to the Open Medicine Foundation's END ME/CFS Project at
    3. Share the photo / video on social media using the hashtag #UndiesChallenge
    4. Tag 3 other people. They have 24 hours!
    If you have any questions or want any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Linda Tannenbaum
    CEO, Open Medicine Foundation

    Would you like to forward this email to a friend? Click here.

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  2. Cort

    Cort Founder of Health Rising and Phoenix Rising Staff Member

    The problem for me is that I actually don't have any underpants..
  3. Seven

    Seven Well-Known Member

    It is worrying me that we have too many campaigns going, I want us to make some impact at least in the media so do I put a profile picture in FB of the shoes in the driveway or me w underpants on top???
  4. Veet

    Veet Well-Known Member

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  5. bobby

    bobby Well-Known Member

    @Veet bra-vo... pun intended? :hilarious:
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  6. Veet

    Veet Well-Known Member

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  7. GG

    GG Well-Known Member

    yeah, not sure if I should ask why?

  8. Issie

    Issie Well-Known Member

    Captain Comando. LoL!
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  9. Cort

    Cort Founder of Health Rising and Phoenix Rising Staff Member

    Gotta flow free - let them go years ago...
  10. Tammy7

    Tammy7 Well-Known Member

    How about both.:)
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  11. Seven

    Seven Well-Known Member

    Dah! ok I Will split the picture in 2 w a collage app.
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