1. G


    ME/CFS is likely to represent a mixed group of conditions, with many different triggers that leads to a common group of symptoms. It has been shown that there is both central and peripheral nervous system involvement and there is emerging evidence that brain inflammation is central to its...
  2. Not dead yet!

    Poll Has anyone been to Hunter Hopkins Center in NC?

    This website is from the clinic that Dr. Lapp left behind after he retired. It's in driving distance for me, but I will still have to stay in a hotel. So I'm thinking I should ask around and see what people think of it. I'll add a survey so if you're having a low energy day, you can just...
  3. E

    Cleveland Clinic CME promotes PACE style treatment in 2017

    Hi, I found this link on the Cleveland Clinic CME (Continuing Medical Education) regarding how they teach doctors about ME/CFS - I was horrified - so I had to post... Elisa
  4. L

    Fibro Fix - Does it work?

    A friend in the supplement industry forwarded this podcast to me: It's free, and it's an interview with Dr. Brady, creator of Fibro Fix. He claims great success curing people with fibromyalgia. Has anyone...
  5. J William M Tweedie

    New Treatment - Related?

    New treatment may hold promise for progressive form of multiple sclerosis, study suggests A research team led by scientists from Brigham and Women's Hospital has revealed how an FDA-approved drug works in the central nervous system in mice to suppress chronic inflammation.
  6. Victor Maalouf

    Cause & Cure

    I just finished a paper and a few video presentations on the "cause and cure" to the syndromes and symptoms labeled as CFS/ME, Fibromyalgia, chronic Lyme, Gulf War Syndrome, and many cases of Autism Spectrum. I'm being purposefully brazen with the title. My work is based on 2 and a half years of...

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