5 Genes Predict What Kind of Diet and Exercise is Best For Your Body?

Discussion in 'Diet and Improving Your Gut' started by Remy, May 4, 2016.

  1. Remy

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  2. Remy

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    Let's see what my genes say!

    rs4994: AA
    rs1042713: GG

    Ooopps! Genetic disprivilege only high intensity exercise will help me lose weight. :(

    rs1799883: missing from v3 chip

    So two options.

    rs1801282: CG - Low Fat diet

    rs1801282: CG - Low Carb diet

    Well, that was helpful! Are we back to the ice diet again?

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  3. Who Me?

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    I have to find my results. I have a zip file on my desktop. Where else would they be? Hmm. Have to hunt
  4. bobby

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    ice dinner! :hilarious: ice cream dinner would be so much better... but I'm sure I'm too genetically disprivileged to get away with that! :arghh:
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    Thanks for the good laugh! I needed that! :)
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  6. Veet

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    Back to HIT for me:confused:. I was happy doing it, running on mini-tramp, until I did it less and less, and came to think maybe it was worse than nothing. Now am going for minimal resistance work-outs. I read repeatedly these days that this burns fat better than aerobic work-outs. I'm sure I'll read something different in the future.

    I've been following some of Yuri Elkaim's suggestions...or, rather, reading his newsletters. He seems to be pretty good on the whole weight loss thing. Of course, everything needs to be modified, like turning a high strength homeopathic into a low dilution one.
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  7. madie

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    This was fun! I was also missing rs1799883, so I followed all of the possibilities below it. I either lose weight on any diet, or lose 2.5x weight on a low fat diet.

    I do lose weight when I eat low carb, but only if I'm also careful about fats. And I can eat quite a lot of carbohydrate if I keep fats really low. This is actually useful!
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  8. Seven

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    Wow Any exercise and Any diet for me!
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  9. Lissa

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    Woohoo. I get the double-down "Genetic Disprivilege".... only high intensity exercise AND low carb diet for me. Wheeee.
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