$500 of Supplements...What to Do?


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fatigue, burning pain particularly after exercise - high reactivity to stress - probably hyperventilation, poor breathing, hypoglycemia, some problem with orthostatic intolerance, head and neck pain, constricted tight feeling muscles in my upper body, cognitive issues.
That all sounded familiar. So many things to this illness.


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D-Ribose is a possibility as well. Has anyone tried that?
Yes, d-ribose made a difference in a hour of taking it. I get pain in my hands and I could feel it easing in that first hour. It really amazed me how quickly it worked. It also seemed to give me more energy to do more without payback in PEM.

I did stop taking it a year ago though, because of my concern about glycation. I might add, but not meaning to scare, I also have been very sick this last year and did quietly wonder if the ribose had partly contributed to my lung problems but who knows - it may have been completely unrelated.
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L-Carnitine. D-Ribose is worth a shot too.

burning pain particularly after exercise

I'd guess this is excess lactic acid buildup. I'd try carnosine.


But honestly, if you're burning, you're probably out of oxygen and need to slow down or stop.

Magnesium malate might also be an option and could help regulate blood sugar as well.


- high reactivity to stress -

Ashwagandha. Maybe licorice if you don't have high blood pressure or high cortisol. Licorice is GREAT for OI too.

probably hyperventilation, poor breathing, hypoglycemia,

I think the mechanical breathing contraptions are probably the best solution for breath retraining. Alternatively you can look into pranayama practices.

For hypoglycemia, I think you need to try to determine why...is it cortisol dysregulation? Is it insulin resistance? Leptin?

But in general, R-lipoic acid


and chromium GTF


are typically pretty safe to start.

some problem with orthostatic intolerance,

Licorice (as mentioned above with caveats), plain sea salt may also help.

head and neck pain, constricted tight feeling muscles in my upper body,

I agree that curcumin is worth a shot. It never worked for me, but it works for many. I think the key is form and dose given the low bioavailability.

This is the best one I've found in terms of taste (none) and the dose is probably around 4g (work up).


DLPA is also good for pain and it may also help boost endorphins.


cognitive issues.

A lot of cognitive issues stem from excessive ammonia. Many people like yucca for ammonia. I don't see yucca on ProHealth though.

Fish oil...but the brand I like isn't on ProHealth and I suspect most other brands are rancid which defeats the purpose. So I'd try astaxanthin. I take 12 mg once or twice a day.


I'll probably think of twelve more things as soon as I post this...:)


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Coq10 is top of my list because it does help and is so darn expensive.

D-Ribose is a possibility as well. Has anyone tried that?

I was prescribed D-Ribose - and told to take it before and after "exercise". I felt it helped, but I'd always forget to take it. Mostly because "exercise" is so relative based on good day vs bad day. I'd never think to do it before, because I so rarely do things that are "active". When I did remember to take it after, It did seem to help with pain and recovery. Suffice it to say that the jar has gotten rather dusty sitting on the counter... Threads like this remind me I should break it out again! Thanks! :)


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@Cort - I also meant to say that D-Ribose might be a good pick because at the rate we take it (based on "exercise") it would last forever! Haaaa!


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Here's what I picked -probiotics, a few mushroom supplements, digestive enzymes, a good strong cucurmin supplement, D-Ribose and Guafeensin - never tried them, tart cherry for the dog, something called cognitrex, stabilium - recommended by Rich Carson, and a good magnesium supplement - wish me luck..
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Low and slow. One at a time so you can tell what it does for you. Expect possible herx and detox reactions. Hoping it goes well.



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Looks good! One thing I should mention is that you can get your D-Ribose at about half the price by using the Nutricost brand. I've been using this particular brand for about a year now, and I find it to be as good as the best in terms of effectiveness, with no bitter taste.

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