7 mystery gut problems your doc may not spot

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Good info here. And here is what I have. Finally it had a name slow transit constipation.

People with constipation are generally told to eat more fibre and use laxatives, but if you have slow transit constipation, which causes infrequent stools and bloating, this won’t make any difference — and usually make it worse.

The condition can start in childhood or later in life.

Chronic constipation affects two million people, but between 15 to 30 per cent (up to 600,000 people) are thought to have the slow transit form. It can be mistaken for IBS where constipation is the predominant symptom.

It occurs when the nerves and muscle in the gut wall don’t work efficiently, so food and waste aren’t propelled at normal speed.

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I have it to!

I've had it as long as I remember. What actually ended up working for me is drinking water kefir. I got lucky and actually knew someone who had water kefir grains and they gave me some.

It took about a month to work but it actually ended up helping my constipation. This is probably way too much TMI but I was so used to it being....uh, work when I went to the bathroom that when it wasn't...um, work anymore it actually kind of shocked me to be able to be done with going to the bathroom so quickly. (*laughs*)

The crappy thing (pun intended) about drinking the water kefir though is that it doesn't exactly taste great and you have to keep doing it every day. If I forget to drink it for a week or two then going to the bathroom becomes work again. So, it hasn't exactly 'cured' anything. :(

I have NO idea if this information will be helpful to you in any way but after suffering so long with it and trying everything that doctors told me to do and nothing ever helping I figured I'd pass it on to you on the off change it might.

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I take magnesium every few nights and use liquid glycerine suppositories. Taking digestive enzymes really helps too

I don't think I'd be able to comply with water kefir if I double even find it. I don't do well with thinks that don't taste good. Like liver capsules. Blech

But now when I tell people again and again when they tell me to eat fiber that it makes it worse, I can say Google this.


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I don't think I'd be able to comply with water kefir if I double even find it. I don't do well with thinks that don't taste good. Like liver capsules. Blech

I completely know what you mean. Some things are just not worth forcing yourself into.

So far I've been able to deal with the taste of the water kefir but my friend also gave me milk kefir grains too. They are both supposed to have different bacteria for the gut and I am supposed to be drinking both of them but I CAN NOT deal the sour taste of milk kefir. I don't even like the taste of yogurt or sourdough bread and milk kefir is so much more sour than either of those two things. (O.O)

I've tried so many times but, argh....it tastes like fizzy sour milk. Just thinking about it right now turns my stomach. Blech!

Of course the friend that gave me the milk grains says that she loves it and it is like 'champagne milk'.

Ugh...'champagne milk?' Land of a thousand nopes. No, thank you. I'll pass.

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