A Farewell - Anne's Last Post to the ME community

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    Farewell – A Last Post from Anne Örtegren


    Here is a short extract:

    This is a lengthy farewell blog from Anne who has been suffering with severe ME and burning skin for some years and who has decided that she is unable to continue with her courageous fight.

    It is a long and heart wrenching article that comprehensibly explains the severity of ME and the horrible struggle to cope with burning skin.

    It is a useful article to show others who do not understand our illness as it grants a detailed insight of the huge struggle we have to cope with the disease.

    Anne has now just passed away.


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    Thanks for posting this Kathryn. Very compelling, and very well written besides. Helps put my own challenges in perspective. Though I sometimes find it difficult to keep "plodding along", I can at least be thankful I haven't had to face the untenable situation Anne was faced with. -- Blessings to Anne and her family.​
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    I am humbled Anne. Thank you for your courage and the gift of your story. We all have a right to our feelings and man are we an amazing group of people, to keep trying to get well and help each other as we do. But I will think twice when I next complain, even silently. I guess I’m learning about the power of heart and soul to get me through another day. My heart just got a little bigger.
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    So sad. I knew Anne for a long time. Despite the fact that she was in terrible shape she always struck me as very objective and balanced. It would have been easy for her simply to be angry and lash out but she never did. She was open to questions, researched hard and reached out to a lot of people. She was very courageous in that way.

    Besides the fact that she experienced so much suffering I grieve the fact that we lost another strong advocate - someone who, if she was just a bit healthier - could have continued making a difference. If she actually became healthy god knows what she could have done.

    The same for Tom Hennessey and John Falk...

    Here is the post I wrote regarding her death:

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