I just got back from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN where they dx me with CFS. I have been affected greatly ever since taking a combination of flouroquinolone antibiotics post surgery back in October '19. It was shortly after starting that regimen that I noticed the usual changes.....brain fog, unusual fatigue, exhaustion after what once were normal activities I would do. Having been a competitive athlete my entire life, and one who fashioned a lifestyle around physical activities, I found myself now only being able to do a fraction of what I was used to. My ego forced me to try pushing it many times to do some things (like waterskiing) that put me in that PEM state for 5-6 days. rendering me useless basically. I've had to reduce my FT work at an engineering firm that I love, to PT in a role that is much less stimulating. Just no way I could push through any longer in my current state. I guess at this point (17 months out) I am starting to come to terms with where I am at, versus recovering fully again. I've tried stem cell therapy and HBOT which are expensive of course, with little results. My Mayo doc postulates that it is possible that the antibiotics where given to me when my body was vulnerable, and affected my cells/mitochondria. Sorry to drag on, but I feel really alone right now and would like to connect with others who were really active at one point, and then were hit by this. Everything changes, I never thought anything like this could happen to me.


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Sorry and those antiobiotics you mention have caused so much damage for so many, so many. They need to be off the market, but are still pushed down people's throats....

One thing that could/would help is to get on Grape Seed Extract or Resveratrol or Pycnogenol and a lot can change, especially brain fog and getting a strong Immune System.

I've been taking Grape Seed Ex for 24 yrs and took Pycnogenol 1 yr before, so now a total of over 25 yrs. I hear good things about Resveratrol but I will stick with what I know works for me.

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