Amitriptyline (Elavil)


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On a compounded dose of only 1 mg, I had numerous side effects. This was many years ago, so I don't recall the details. What I do remember is that I was so fatigued and weak, I had to drag myself upstairs using my arms on the railing.


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I've just started Elavil, 10mg, about 2 hours before bedtime, for the past week. I have been sleeping like a baby. I guess I was a little drowsy the first couple of days, but I'm always a little drowsy, even on my best days.

Before this, I used Trazodone, 50-150mg at bedtime for a couple of years. It helped tremendously when I was suffering from the worst insomnia, but over time, it seemed to be less effective. I'm hoping the Elavil continues to work out...

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@Upgrayedd Good it's working. I think it drugged me out too much.

I find a combination of a sleep initiator and sleep sustainers work best. I have a bunch of OTC and rx stuff that I alternate every night so I don't develop tolerance. That sounds like what happened to you with the trazodone which is one of the things I use.

You might want to consider alternating the elavil with the trazodone to avoid that.


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Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking of alternating with the trazodone, once I see how the elavil works out over some time. I want to try different doses of the elavil too.

I've tried a lot of otc supps over the years - melatonin, 5htp, phosphatidyl serine (sp?), magnesium, l-theanine, sleep formulas, etc. - none of them ever really helped before trazodone. That was a game changer at the time.

I also tried ambien, and just had weird hallucinations - never really fell asleep.

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@Upgrayedd I used to just take trazodone and Suntheanine. Then everything changed.

I fought it for months, but I finally came to realize that I absolutely will not sleep unless I start with a benzo. Then I had layers.

I also always wake in the middle of the night so I need something else to get me back to sleep.

It's all about trying stuff to see what works. This is some of what i use. I never take the same combination 2 nights in a row. All low doses

Ambien, Triazolam, oxazepam, seroquel, kava, passion flower, theanine, etizolam, baicalin, doxylamine, skelaxin, chlortrimeton, phenibut

Also, there is a thread here on Trazodone. There are some generics that are really bad, Teva and Pliva. They just don't work.

Some people use doxepine. That is too sedating for me.


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Lately, I've found that Elavil greatly helps me to fall asleep easily, but I still wake up throughout the night, like I'm on a wave of sleep that goes to close to the surface.

Has anyone out there ever combined Trazodone with Elavil? I know about serotonin syndrome, but I don't think that would be a problem at low doses. I'm thinking that perhaps the pair would help both sleep initiation and sustaining quality sleep.


Any other ideas for Rx or supplements that help with sustaining/prolonging sleep? I've never had much success with L-theanine, 5-HTP, etc.

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