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    Cort, have you tried Gupta Amygdala retraining? If so any improvement? I have been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue & CFS it seems the amygdala is trying to train your sympathetic system to not set off your adrenaline. Also I read on Phoenix Rising someone named Miche1e who was using the Bemer 3000 for 3 months she was having good results I think it was in 2011 and never posted again. What happened to her?
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    I have used the system and received ~ 60% improvement. I had MCS and CFIDS. I am even much better with the MCS and more normal than not with this. The CFIDS does respond to the Gupta Programme in many cases or at least it provides improvement. I am still using the protocol. For what it costs, it is very reasonable; many can discontinue a number of the nutriceuticals they were using -- some pay several hundred dollars a month for them. Doing the Gupta Programme and giving it one's all for 6 months is very cost effective. I wish I had known about the amygdala theory 20 years ago. Read the book, THE BRAIN'S WAY OF HEALING by Norman Doidge MD, as the discussions of new discoveries in neuroplasticity will help explain why the Gupta Programme works. I say for anyone who has CFIDS or other disorders like fibromyalgia, unretractable anxiety, MCS, to look into it. And wish you all the best.
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