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Some of you are looking for anti-inflammatories and antioxidants the same as me. I found this spore-forming probiotic that is supposed to produce antioxidants in the body. I've steered clear of spore-type probiotics, but I'm thinking of trying this one. Has anyone tried anything like this:


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Ubiquinol? I take that, although I'm trying MitoQ - but it seems I'm losing the battle. I take tons of antioxidants but I can't stop the oxidative stress or whatever processes are taking place that keep the inflammation going. Then I read that certain strains of probiotics actually produce antioxidants - much stronger than antioxidants you take. I was on a lot of antibiotics and I'm wondering if every bit of flora was wiped out. If so, then regular probiotics aren't going to replace what I lost. I wondered if anyone else had looked into using specific probiotic strains to combat oxidative stress.


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The article on Neuroinflammation is tied in with this. There is inflammation and oxidative stress, and I'm wondering if it's coming from lack of specific probiotic strains that were wiped out by antibiotics or people were passed down a deficit in good strains by their unhealthy mother. Has anyone here tried Prescript Assist soil-based organisms? I was afraid to try them, because they can get into the blood and are then difficult to eradicate. But a lot of people on Amazon said they were helped by them. Incidentally - I hope everyone contacts Amazon about the issue of legitimate "reviews" by people given a free product in exchange for their review. They are now permitted to give a review without disclosing they were given the product for free. Now it's harder than ever to determine the legitimacy of reviews.

Anyway - I'm wondering what specific strains actually fight oxidative stress. Jarrow's Bowel Support has b. Planetarum, which a neurologist recommends. Align has b. infantus.


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Ive tried the mitoQ and i cant say i notice any difference other than it was costing me more.

I use vit e, nac, lipoic acid, and acetyl carnitine.
Hmm - I should have asked the question sooner. I ordered the MitoQ and it's way too expensive! Do you take lipoic acid on the 3-day cycles, following Andy Cutlers protocol? I try to take the lipoic but the 3- day 3-hour through-the-night is hard. I get headaches from it too - probably pulling toxins out. I've been trying to do the rounds more often, but I don't like getting up through the middle of the night. I bought an extended release ALA to take at night so I have to try that.

That's an interesting theory - so if you found a way to increase antioxidant levels you think it would reverse the cfs? So you must be looking for a way to stop oxidative stress also. I'm taking multiple antioxidants, but they're obviously not working. I've been taking a lot of sulforaphane from Swanson's since it's an Nrf2 activator, which activates your body's own antioxidant system, and it's cheap!

I take the ubiquinol 100 mg. every day also. I take NAC 3 X day. I just read that it breaks biofilms in the body - an interesting side-effect. I tried circumin too - I think I may be allergic to it, so stopped it for awhile. I read that it's poorly absorbed so I think you need some oil with it or something. I thought about trying the spice - adding it to stir-fries. I take resveratrol too - and yes, the costs add up. I may discontinue it after I finish the bottle I have - someone said it activates histamine. I just started the memantine - someone on here recommended it. I haven't noticed a difference yet, but I only took it a few days.

I recall Cort writing something on the micro biome, and I came across this article yesterday. I think it's good taking antioxidants, but knew there was something I was missing. Apparently the inflammation is coming from a damaged micro biome. I've been experimenting with different probiotic strains, but I must not have found the right ones. I wondered if anyone tried an SBO here. I'm a little afraid of them - I don't need to get worse - but I'm wondering if there might be safer probiotics, that have most of what is in a healthy human micro biome.


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I can't afford to take higher doses - and this will be a one-time purchase. But you have a point - we're all unique. I just hate spending money on something that has been heavily promoted and yet doesn't work. So you take higher doses of lipoic acid twice a day? It will be easier doing it that way. I had a lot of silver fillings removed - so I'm wary of any mercury getting in the brain. But I'll try it - I know it's a good antioxidant, and helps mitochondria. It helps nerve damage, which I have. I spoke to another woman who took R-ALA every day, and she's fine, but Andy Cutler states not to take R-ALA. I had bought it but was afraid to try it. I read the study about the aged mice turning young after being given ALA and carnitine.

The memantine I got is 10 mgs. I haven't felt much of a difference yet. Something is making me lightheaded when I stand though. I wonder if it's that POTS I hear people talking about. I have this weird buzzing in my ears too.

I think I'm going to continue researching the probiotics since I'm taking numerous antioxidants that don't seem to be working. I never researched them much, and took them on and off, but now I think I'm going to try to get into taking unusual strains. If a single strain can determine if you're obese, then it would follow that other strains control other aspects of our health. It would be interesting to know if anyone here tried an SBO. I'm going to experiment with different probiotics to see if anything responds. I hope if anyone finds probiotics that serve as antioxidants, they post it.

I came across information on another forum, where this guy cured himself of some serious issues through mind-body techniques. I don't know if it will help anyone, but I'll post it. It's pretty interesting:

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