Antihistamines and weight gain

Discussion in 'Mast Cell and Histamine' started by Who Me?, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. Who Me?

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    Since starting H1 blockers for mast cell I've been constantly hungry. Zyrtec is really bad. Claritin bad but not as bad. @Lissa

    I found this
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    Well then. It’s no wonder so many of us gain weight in this disease. If the inactivity doesn’t get us, the medications do.

    I never had to fight weight in my entire life until ME struck. My brother and I used to say we had the metabolisms of an oil refinery fire.

    There are times when I start eating and can’t stop. Not often, as I usually have zero appetite. I need to make a mental note and see if those times are linked to antihistamine use!
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  3. Who Me?

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    Mine is for sure. And for me appetite doesn't have that much to do with it. I have the urge to eat, then my OCD brain gets the idea of something I want, and I have to eat it.

    I'm ok until I eat something. Once I start its like s runaway train.
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  4. Remy

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    Afrin says for MCAS, people either can't lose a pound or conversely can't gain a pound. And often antihistamines are able to help reverse either situation which helps those that need it to lose or gain weight respectively.

    Strong anticholinergics would almost always promote weight gain in the healthy but it's almost impossible to say what they will do in any one of us with rampant inflammation and metabolic dysfunction.

    I'm on quite the large dose of antihistamines now and still losing weight albeit slowly. Ketosis probably has a lot to do with that though.
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  5. Who Me?

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    You're lucky then. I'll be a whale if I continue with the two I've tried. I'll look for another and see if that is different. I do not need to gain any weight.
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  6. Remy

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    Not lucky! Ketotic...and you know how I've struggled with that. But it's worth it for me. I feel much better than I did when eating carbs regularly.
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