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I have had depression and anxiety for a long time now but I took my medicines for it. Recently, I found myself slowly snowballing back to my old state. I don’t want to go back but I don’t know what to do. Do you have any suggestions? Anything would be appreciated.


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If your meds are correct and you have a good therapist, the best wellness things you can do are gentle/tolerable exercises and meditation. It also helps to have passionate things you can throw yourself into (hobbies). Anxiety and depression love a vacuum, so keep your brain occupied in meaningful ways.


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OP: If you take a thyroid support, it could be the wrong one and the wrong dose..thyroid and your issues are so connected... I went 10 long years with no help from docs and I believed it was a sluggish thyroid but they kept saying no, your numbers are good..then a smart D.O. I had in my life solved my mess by putting me on Armour back in 2002 and it's history, depression of 10 yrs gone.

We are NOT numbers, we are symptoms....FINDING a smart wise doc is vital.


Interesting to hear this. What made you suspicious of a sluggish thyroid to begin with? And how did you find a doc to really dig into the "normal" test result? I ask because my current GP is really one of those who has to see something outside the normal range in order to think something could be out of whack. I feel anything but normal and am so shocked by normal results in the various tests I have had for the most part. Brain fog/energy for me, and I am curious what a thyroid supplement would do for me. You mentioned it alleviated the depression....anything else?


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For me a clinical depression hit me in early 50's right after menopause and I went 10 friggin yrs trying to get help from docs about thyroid and they all kept saying "you are good, numbers are good", I AM NOT A NUMBER. It's symptoms.... and they kept dishing out A/D drugs for 10 was thyroid, my good ole D.O. found when I finally asked him about thyroid..he worked with my back for years...but he is/was a M.D. and he knew immediately. He was one in a million and a godsend in my life.

Yes you could try some thyroid supplements, there are many out there...NutriMed has a nice line but I've never gone on them. You can go to amazon and google thyroid supplements and see what you get, read the reviews for sure... NutriMed has a site and I've read it a lot.

And consider Grape Seed Extract as I've been taking it 25 yrs, no brain fog.

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