Any Dr. Mark Davis T-cell research followers?

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    I have been following the research information presented by the Open Medicine Foundation led by Dr. Ron Davis at Stanford. (note: there are two Dr. Davis' working on the project, Ron and Mark). Last September and this June, Dr. Mark Davis presented a video about his T-cell research and ME/CFS. To me both videos presented the same pertinent information. I wasn't able to figure out what had been gained in the new video. Have any of you been following this research closely? Can anyone supply any details, comments or give their opinion about Dr. Mark Davis's research?
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    It sounds like from what I have read on Phoenix Rising, that there was nothing much new in this video, but that new things are happening in the lab.
    Janet Dafoe mentioned that he has a new post-doc working on this who is fully funded.
    Hopefully there will be some new updates soon!
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