Any update on Phase III Pridgen Protocol trials?

The last update I remember was that this trial was due for completion in late 2022. I'd really love to see the results as that pesky hepres virus is having it's wicked ways with me and if the trial was successful, I can take it to my doctor and give it a go.


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---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Skip Pridgen <>
Date: Fri, Oct 7, 2022 at 7:46 PM
Subject: Update on Pridgen's Practice

To my practice patients,
I have had a busy surgical practice since 1994, and I have been active in research since 2008. All indicators suggested that the latest fibromyalgia trial results reported in mid-September would be exceptional. I was strongly considering retiring if the company was sold. I did not want to abandon my patients, so I began to suggest to my patients that they ask their primary care physicians to continue writing the meds per my protocol should I be in a position to retire next year. Well as bad luck would have it, the Delta variant and lower rates of vaccines and boosters obliterated the first 210 patients' data. The second 214 patients who dealt with the Omicron variant, and had a higher vaccination and booster rate had a wonderful and statistically significant improvement in pain, fatigue, anxiety and much more. Virios looks to be on life support, but if the Long COVID study, which will complete soon, is successful, then we should be back in business. That would be huge news for 400 million worldwide.
So NOW I have no plans to retire. I will actually expand my surgical practice to include call at DCH Regional Hospital. I have plans to provide complete general surgical coverage and will also be available for colonoscopies and endoscopies. If you have any future health needs with which I can assist you, please contact me. Additionally if any of your family or friends need my help, please give them my cell phone number or email address and I will gladly see them.

Wm "Skip" Pridgen M.D.
Tuscaloosa Surgical Associates
1837 Commons North Dr.
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35406
CP (205)310-7780


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I think that's what he's saying about the Phase II.b trial.

However, I saw this press release from Virios pushing on to a Phase III trial. I gather from Dr. Pridgen's email that he won't be taking part in Phase III.


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