Anyone else have Problems with HDTV



Not sure where to post this. Posted under Symptoms as well.

Anybody else have trouble with HDTV making them sick?

I have never been able to watch HDTV but could always watch Standard Definition channels.

I was using Xfinity Comcast and could watch their Standard Def channels but not their HD channels. I had to move and Xfinity is not offered here. I got AT&T Uverse which has what they call Standard Definition channels but they make me sick.

I am confined to the house most of the time. Like many of you I struggle every day. And this illness has taken so many things from us. One of the things I used to cope was watching TV at night.

The sick feeling I get is hard to describe. It is not the Nausea and motion sickness that I have seen others describe. Mine starts with a warm feeling between my eyes that moves down my chest, then my heart skips beats, and I just start to feel weak and generally bad.

I use an older Samsung 32 inch TV 720p max with refresh rate of 60 from the early 2000’s. I have watched this TV for years with no problem. Therefore, I do not believe the TV is the problem. Never could watch any newer flat screen tvs with 1080 and 120 refresh rate.

I can watch DVD’s (not Blu Ray) with an older DVD player on my older TV. So again it is not the TV.

I tried a HD to SD converter, but all it did was make the picture more blurry, it still made me sick. I read that RCA composite cables, (Red, Yellow, White) could only carry Standard Def signal, so I connected the TV and cable box with these, but it still makes me sick.

From my research, Satellite TV is all HD, Streaming is all HD, and open air antennas are all HD.

I did try streaming and it instantly made me sick.

Anyone else have this problem and are there any solutions?


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