Anyone Ever Tried "Cupping" For Pain in Fibromyalgia or ME/CFS?


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[bimg=fright|no-lightbox][/bimg]Adrienne Delwho has just posted a blog on cupping in FM. If you've been following the Olympics you've no doubt seen cupping marks in Mark Phelps back. It's often used with acupuncture.

(I don't know what the sticks sticking out of her neck are.)

The traditional method of cupping involving little glass globes that look like the mini fish bowls pet shops keep bettas in. The practitioner puts a small amount of something flammable (such as rubbing alcohol or herbs) inside the cup and lights it on fire. That depletes the oxygen inside the cup.</p><p>Then the practitioner turns the cup upside down and places it on your skin. The air inside the cup then cools down, which creates a vacuum. The vacuum causes your skin to dome up inside the cup, which makes the blood vessels expand.

.....Some practitioners have left the globes and flammable materials behind in favor of plastic cups that attach to a pump. They simply put the cup on your skin and squeeze the pump a few times to get the suction going. The effect is the same, only without the risk of burns.</p><p>TCM teaches that cupping opens up the pores, stimulates blood flow, and balances your qi (pronounced &#34;chee&#34;), which is the flow of energy through your body.

One study suggests cupping plus acupuncture may help in FM

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