Anyone have DIY or purchase ideas for a fold out screen?

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This is the kind of fold out screen that would really make my life easier:

Any ideas where I can buy or get instructions to make one?

I'm also wondering about automatic rocking chairs... probably DIYable with a motor attached to an existing chair. They make them for kids, but the ones for adults are mostly aimed a dementia/elderly and super expensive (like Wellness Nordic Rocking chairs). Maybe I can make do with some kind of vibrating Lazboy? Idk.

It would help in moments like now when all I want to do is lie down and focus on breathing. :)
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That is one complex DIY project!
  • You need a very strong wall attachment because the lever that weight puts on the mounting is huge.
  • You also need a spring system that allows you to gently move the screen away from the wall and come to a gentle stop at the end of the open position. You don't wont it to abruptly hit that position like it's banging against a wall ;-). That requires a well designed spring and damper system that is in balance with the screens weight.
  • It would also be nice that you can easily put it back to the resting position, without using too much force. It shouldn't come to a stop with a bang against the wall neither. That again requires a well designed spring and damper system that is in balance with the screens weight.
  • The wood construction needs some strength calculations done as well because the wooden beams are part of that big lever.
  • You also need the electrical wiring get wrapped up nicely in the structure without getting stuck when opening or closing the system. It has to be routed inside ?translation? joints/hinges.
In short: your best chances are by contacting the person of the youtube channel. If you can buy it and find a good technician to mount it or better it comes with very clear mounting instructions that's your best option. I very much doubt it will be affordable however.

So far, the bad news.

The good news: I did find a low tech solution that works almost as good but it lacks the elegance of your solution:
the humble attic hatch!

As fewer Americans live in multi-story houses depending on the region I just put a link in it in case it would not be used widely in the States:

I'll take the picture on the second row, the one with the open hatch, red bar and current price of 94.99 pound next to it.

It doesn't look like much, but if you would look at it from the right hand size it has a flat wooden surface at about the same angle of your much more elegant solution. It has a well balanced spring and damper mechanism and can do with a far simpler mounting then your solution.

Now remove the stairs on the left hand side. Put the screen on the right hand side. Ideally, the screen is a bit lighter then the stair you remove. If it is, balance for opening will not be perfect as the system is too low in weight. You don't want to have to pull it down. It should just come gently down with nothing but releasing the lock.

That simply can be done by adding some wooden beams or boards to the left hand side. The lower you put them, the less weight you will need. That allows you to chose shape and size of the beams or board and moving it a bit up or down can improve balance. That will allow for a nicely balanced spring system that comes slowly down when opening and gets in place without a bang. Getting it back in position will require few effort as well. Most of these systems come with a sort of metal stick to push it into the closed position and allow you to lock it so it doesn't open unintended. The stick also helps with releasing the lock for opening the hatch. As the electric wiring only has to bend over about 70 degrees that should be fairly easy to get it wright too.

For mounting, you can make a hole in the ceiling to get esthetics better or you can simple mount it on the ceiling. It's doable by the better DIY person.


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Or you can buy one of those or similar:

It says:
"This ceiling mount can be easily folded (push-in fold/push-in unfold) and ideal for cathedral ceiling installation and space saving. Its swivel, sliding can offer the best viewing angle. It support most 17-37 monitors up to 20kgs/44lbs.

Push-in fold/push-in unfold * Tilt: -90° (down) ~ 0° (up) * VESA:75x75,100x100, 200x100, 200x200
Arm length 10.6 to 15.7" (270 to 400mm) adjustable * Mounting Hardware included"

It can be placed at an angle as desired to have better viewing experience.

Better buy a combo of TV plus mounting set at the better or specialized store. Not all screens can be hung up with their face down. To go extreme: in the time of plasma TVs their warranty was void if you transported the TV flat. The heavy glass could crack under it's weight. That was better with LCD TVs but still consult your local expert retailer.

Better don't go too wild on the screen size: the larger the area, the bigger the mechanical stress on a hanging screen.
Better also avoid those models with very flimsy borders (near all viewing area, near no borders) IMO, as borders probably help keeping everything together.

Buying a combo screen plus mounting from a knowledgeable and trustworthy retailer should avoid poor combinations with danger of parts falling down (including the glass panel) or fire hazard due to electrical parts cracking when part of the TV falls down. It should also help avoid nasty issues with insurance in the unlikely case the TV set catches fire just as any other TV can. Insurance companies can get very creative at seeking excuses not to pay up.

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These are all good ideas, thank you. I'm mostly seeking a way to lie down while reading, but of course when I'm feeling low, it's better to just watch something amusing but not too loud or flashing.

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