Anyone have joint replacements?


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I live with 3 nasty side effects from hip replacement (anterior) in 2010: Femoral Nerve Damage, IT band damage, shorter leg.

Now my right knee is pretty arthritic and I so fear a knee replacement...yes I hear positive and negative outcomes for both. I've spent a lot of time on replacement forums and am tired of doing it anymore.

Once so burned it's hard to go under the knife again for more joint replacements. Older people are harder to heal too.

Any stories here?


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Any comments anyone. For me it's 9 yrs post op Hip Replacement and then a nasty staph infection in knee in 2016 and talk about regrets....
Not had any replacements operations myself . I would say it would be bettter to go with the root cause , to heal and avoid further knife operations. Heavy metals toxicity combined with the lack of nutrients are causing joint/arthritis and many other conditions, at least in my opinion . Aluminium is flooded now and silica is depleted from soils , and aluminium in the body further depeletes/prevent silica.

Silica is needed for bone and collagen, it is a natural anti-inflammatory also, a truly wonder substance. I think it is misleading when often it is sayed that silica is so common mineral on earth crust, todays reality is that aluminium is everywhere and silica have gone down becouse of the modern agriculture .

This company , originated from Spain have very good silica products , stores in USA and Spain

Becouse of the interactions of aluminium and silica, and the long time and probably high toxic overload, this is never a quick fix , it takes minimum many Months, and it would be even too harsh to do it fast as there is detox symptoms . Silica also act against mercury and lead if i remember so it is quite a punch.

Silica also boost blood oxygen carry transport, some source says even up to 20%

Magnesium malate is needed for aluminium detox, malic acid is a aluminium chelator sort of. L-theanine , curcumin , and enterosgel are also needed . ALA and glutathione are good to have also in hand, any mobilized heavy metals are potential bombs that can cause toxicity again and again .For brain, melatonin is the primary detox substance, and liposomal melatonin seems to be much better, aluminium and heavy metals distrupt pineal gland and so causing lack of melatonin and insomnia , this cycle then causes even more brain toxicity as toxins itself cause melatonin deficiency .

There is also that silica gel that can be used topically

Even the heavy metals detox can also cause temporal knee worsenings , or any joint. But i dont think there is a shortcut, with the best helping substances it should go still pretty tolerable thought .


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Can you name the silica gel used topically.

All the info about saving joints, is all hindsight. We were not born knowing all this....

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