Anyone know of or been to Dr. Clark in NC?

Discussion in 'General' started by Not dead yet!, Mar 18, 2019.

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    I found out this doctor is in my area and his website and videos look helpful enough (judging by titles). Just wanted to see if anyone's heard of him.

    He's a chiropractor but I'm not looking for drugs at the moment anyway. He's digging into the dirty tricks of medicine pretty deep though and I worry for him because Steven Barret retired to a town near his office. (Steven Barret is the guy behind Quackwatch and a total chiropractor hater from what I've seen). I don't think he's wrong, but he's certainly saying it loud and proud, and that can be good or bad.

    It's weird because I have been looking for alternative health locally for a while and he didn't show up on google searches, only bing. That's worrying for a start. Makes me wonder a lot. I think I need to do my searches again with a deep search engine so I can see all the raindrops in the storm.