ARDS in Covid-19 and its connection to your genetics

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One interesting thing about Coronavirus is the way it disables and sometimes permanently damages the lungs. One clue to that effect is Interleukin-17. More here:

It reads a bit like an ad, but honestly I don't know many other websites that can do the things Self Decode does, so I'm not really bothered.

I thought we should know in the ME/CFS community because we already have so many issues with oxygen utilization and Fibro is specifically mentioned as a risk factor in ARDS.

Discovery path:

So then I looked into ARDS and Fibro, and immediately found: I thought, what is Ambroxol? Never heard of it. But when I figured it out, it reminded me of that doctor who wrote a book about Guaifenesin for Firbro. I didn't think he was talking nonsense, but I did think more research was needed before it could be a long term "good for everyone" technique in Fibro. Guaifenesis does reliably make me sicker and then better, just as he says, but that's n=1, not evidence of much. Merely it suggests that a clinical practitioner noticed something in their patients and wasn't doing any harm, so they kept suggesting it. And that their suggestion worked for me.

I have since stopped taking guaifenesin. Maybe I should start again, I'll think on that.

In any case the science topics on Ambroxol had some delightfully insightful clues: The part about cystic fibrosis really got my attention, with regards to ARDS and Covid-19.

But it also pointed the way toward rational use of some supplements, like NAC and/or glutathione. On further reading, NAC seems the better choice, and better studied, but not because of the myth that glutathione is not absorbed. It is, it just becomes deactivated more quickly and doesn't become part of the reserves needed.

TLDR: If you want to know your genetic predisposition to severe Covid-19 complications, Self Decode is working on a genetic report that can help with that. And, if you just want to be a little safer, don't skip your NAC supplements now. For one thing, it's the antidote to Tylenol (paracetamol) toxicity. And for another thing, it's an expectorant like Mucinex, and that part, I did not know.

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