Poll Are Provider Comments in Your Medical Records Affecting Your Care?

Are provider comments in your medical records affecting your care?

  • I have never reviewed the notes in my medical records

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  • I have seen comments that likely had a negative impact when viewed by other providers

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  • I know I have been denied treatments or care based on negative or derogatory comments

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I'm a graduate student in a public health program and have been studying the impact of subjective comments in patients' medical records when they see a new provider. I think this is likely an issue for many of us with ME/CFS and even more so now with mandatory electronic records. I am exploring the idea of a study on prejudicial comments and would appreciate your participation. Please share any stories that would be helpful as well.


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I'm not sure whether it falls under "comments", but I had one GP forget to write a referral that he said he'd write (that was the purpose of that visit), and when I asked about it, there were no records of my past several visits (he was terrible with record-keeping). I filed a formal complaint, he was found at fault and required to take remedial lessons in record-keeping, but after that, at least one doctor at that clinic refused me as a patient. I did find another who accepted me, so not a big problem, but I can imagine I'm in the system as a "troublemaker", especially since my "mysterious illness" (ME) was still undiagnosed.


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I notice a consistent problem in my records: the providers do not accurately record what I tell them. For example, I stated I was unable to climb a flight of stairs without PEM. I was very clear about this (my husband confirms this - he attends all of my appointments). The NP recorded that I was a 40 on an activity scale which means: able to climb two flights of stairs, perform heavy housework and climb a hill. In the same visit I said "yes" to having abdominal pain and I described the location and quality of the pain. The NP recorded "denies abdominal pain". I did not request a correction, because I am afraid of being dropped as a patient. I have already been refused care, because I am "complex" (EDS, CCI, MCAS etc.), so I did not want to lose my primary doctor by attempting to correct her NP.

My medical records are not accurate, despite me being very clear and concise with my answers. This makes me feel disbelieved and, therefore unsafe under their care.


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@Snow I noticed this also sometimes with my GP. The notes sometimes are grossly inaccurate. One time they were so inaccurate that I called the office and complained and told them I was very upset and demanded the Dr. change them.

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