Are you getting sufficient protein?

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    Turns out the critically and moderately ill have greatly increased protein requirements, even more so than athletes! Are you getting enough?
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    Interesting. I always crave more protein when I'm not doing well. Even when I'm as my best (admittedly not good) I eat more protein than healthier women my age. This may be why.
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    Thanks :) Great article! In a world of soundbites that one is substantial, so it substantially stands out.

    Let me add the mecca of food composition searches:

    Remember to set it to compare by 100g if you want to compare content absolutely.

    For example, go to Nutrients, choose your target nutrient(s) and down at the bottom, before you click submit, choose "sort by nutrient" and "compare by 100g" not "household" which may not be an equal comparison.

    Come to think of it, my keto diet may have fizzled because the protein just wouldn't fit into it. I was getting about 70-80g/day on a good day. As I loosened up, my protein went above 100g/day and it felt good so I kept doing it. Some bodybuilding websites quote intakes of around 200g/day, but naah. My kidneys aren't to take risks with. LOL

    40g/meal sounds better, that's 120g.

    In my search (above) I added vitamin D, and the first high protein food with significant Vitamin D was powdered eggs. The next was bacon. Hmm... may explain my bacon and egg fixation. I eat them normally though.
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