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My guess is he and the people he has "cured" never had ME/CFS but were misdiagnosed. Not to mention that a lot of people just plain lie.

ME/CFS is where cancer was in the 60's and 70's with medical charlatans.

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I know someone who did his program. He was a patient of Dr Rey's.

When I first met him on a forum he was not able to work but could do a few things at home but he had to nap every day.

He slowly was able to get back to work a few hours a day.

Every day he would meditate and do some if the stuff Gupta says.

He seemed to feel it helped him. He was not some bonehead who didn't have a brain. He was intelligent and not a sap. He got the program when he was willing to try anything.

Last I heard he was back to work full time at a physical job. He still had to rest and take it easy but was way better.

I don't know if it's a coincidence and his feeling better happened as a result of Dr Rey's treatment. I know be stuck with the meditation.

It's not anything I would do but...


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It definitely helps some people. I tried it - it had quite modest benefits but overall I think anything you can do to take your stress level down - and allow your body to relax and heal a bit is a good thing. Not the cure he suggests and I would do other mind/body stuff - see How to Be Sick or the Last Best Cure - (I didn't do so well with the NLP process) but worth a try..


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That's those things that it will help anyone with or without ME/CFS.

Having less stress, mindfullness and so on. I trully believe on the benefits of that overall. But that will work as well for diabetes and paper cuts too.

But definetelly anything that makes your mind healthier is worth it, but you don't really need to pay for a dvd program. At least I believe that.

About that "amygdala retraining" claim, I guess then, they would be heading toward a treatment (cure?) for psychopaty so it's a little too much to say your retraining your amygdala without proper scans.

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