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I don't take B-1 daily. But, I do have a good bit of it in my diet with the type of foods that I eat. I used to believe in mega vitamins - but, have since changed my approach with this. God gave us food to support our bodies. If we put the right things into our bodies and get it to working at it's optimum - then we will probably need far less then these mega doses. Anything we put into our bodies has to be used/discarded. If there is a dysfunction in the body - things won't be utilized properly. That's probably why such high doses are needed for the results to be seen.

We have the power to take control of what we do/take in to our bodies and that just may be the key to it working better. The hard part is making ones mind up that you will do it and then following through with that decision.


Really interesting article. Shows how much a part diet plays into things. I have a feeling B1 will be something that a lot of others will soon be trying. Just keep in mind that it could potentially ramp up the sympathetic system ----some will have paradox reactions and each person will react differently. Always go low and slow.

I'm a low-fat vegan and since starting my diet--my POTS is greatly improving. (Sometimes I dont even have the symptoms with standing.) I have also been on 250 mg of B1, but not daily. My diet is naturally high in B-1 because of rice, beans and green tea. So, just thinking there is a connection with this. I'm not completely well ---but, better then I have been in years.



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Yeah, i contributed to the comments there and added some more research on it. Some people with POTS are finding help with it too.

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