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Baicalin, a flavonoid derived from Scutellaria baicalensis, is the main metabolite of baicalein released following administration in different animal models and human. We previously reported the antiviral activity of baicalein against dengue virus (DENV). Here, we examined the anti-DENV properties of baicalin in vitro, and described the inhibitory potentials of baicalin at different steps of DENV-2 (NGC strain) replication. Our in vitro antiviral experiments showed that baicalin inhibited virus replication at IC50 = 13.5 ± 0.08 μg/ml with SI = 21.5 following virus internalization by Vero cells. Baicalin exhibited virucidal activity against DENV-2 extracellular particles at IC50 = 8.74 ± 0.08 μg/ml and showed anti-adsorption effect with IC50 = 18.07 ± 0.2 μg/ml. Our findings showed that baicalin as the main metabolite of baicalein exerting in vitro anti-DENV activity. Further investigations on baicalein and baicalin to deduce its antiviral therapeutic effects are warranted.

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Baicalin, a flavonoid, has been shown to have antiviral and anti-inflammatory activities, although the mechanism of action has been unknown. Therefore, attempts were made to analyse the mechanism behind the antiviral effects of baicalin using an influenza A virus (IAV) model in vitro and in vivo.

Baicalin's anti-influenza activity was elucidated (in vitro and in vivo) utilizing pandemic influenza strain A/H1N1/Eastern India/66/pdm09 (H1N1-pdm09). Anti-influenza activity was measured by plaque inhibition, fluorescent focus-forming units (ffu) and quantifying viral transcripts using quantitative real-time PCR following treatment with baicalin in a dose- and time-dependent manner. The role of the IAV non-structural protein 1 (NS1) gene in modulating host responses was measured by immunoblotting, co-immunoprecipitation and molecular docking.

Baicalin treatment following IAV infection revealed up-regulation of interferon (IFN)-induced antiviral signalling and decreased phosphoinositide 3-kinase/Akt (PI3K/Akt) activation compared with infected, untreated controls. Baicalin exerts its antiviral effects by modulating the function of the IAV-encoded NS1 protein. NS1 has been shown to counteract cellular antiviral responses by down-regulating IFN induction and up-regulating PI3K/Akt signalling. Baicalin disrupted NS1-p85β binding. Molecular docking predicted the binding site of baicalin in the RNA binding domain (RBD) of NS1. Site-directed mutagenesis within the RBD region of NS1 and the difference in the fluorescence quenching pattern of full-length NS1 and mutant NS1 proteins in the presence of baicalin confirmed the interaction of baicalin with the NS1 RBD. Amino acid residues 39-43 of the NS1 RBD were found to be crucial for the baicalin-NS1 interaction.

Overall, this study highlights that baicalin exerts its anti-influenza virus activity by modulating viral protein NS1, resulting in up-regulation of IFN-induced antiviral signalling and a decrease in PI3K/Akt signalling in cells.

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I love this stuff! I don't know about the antiviral properties but for sleep it is really helping me. Some nights if my brain is cooperating I an barely keep my eyes open within 15 minutes.

I get it from

I also just got some oleamide (for sleep)

I wonder if this will interfere with my treatment from Dr. Vincent. @Remy what say you?

Hi @EYAKLLE!! Nice to see you

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I say no, it won't interfere. But it's probably wise to limit supplements as much as possible because we don't really know anything for sure yet.

Yah. It's tough with stuff like this, which helps me sleep. I did mention to TV that I take it but it may have gotten lost in the shuffle.

I need my sleep!


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Many Klinghardt patients are now using it for anti-retroviral properties. You might check on some of his Facebook groups to find others!

I read the link and saw that good old Saint Johns Wort also has retro-antiviral properties according to published scientific research. That's interesting as Saint Johns Wort is widely available, cheap, and on top of it has good anti depressant properties, stimulates blood flow and when applied as Saint Johns Wort oil has decent muscle healing properties.

The main drawbacks are:
* interactions with many regular drugs, mainly anti depressants but also some others so always check your doctor!
* chance of photosensitivity in some persons, more so but not only when applied externally; means you get sunburned easier.

Only had a quick glance at the paper but it seems powerful for at least the tested virus.

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That was a worthy bump. When I looked for it, I noticed that even Walmart is selling the Liftmode brand of it now. Worth looking into. Haven't tried it, but Valcyclovir is working for me and has stopped the random night sweats / evening fevers. Now that only returns if I have an infection of some other type, like bacterial.

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