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One of the more interesting best-sellers of recent years in Europe has been Giulia Enders' book on the Gut: Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body's Most Underrated Organ

She is a Phd student in gastroenterology, who has completed her medical degree in Germany. She won a Science Slam competition & it led to her writing a book on the gut. It has now sold 1 million copies in Germany, 400 000 in France and has been translated into English

About half the book looks specifically at the gut biome covering current research in a very readable fashion. I got a copy from my local library after reading positive reviews in the British press. The English translation by David Shaw is nicely done too.

Below is an interview with Giulia on the Agenda with Steve Perkins which gives you a flavour on the book (20:42)

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She looks very healthy! :)

I just put the video in the gut media section

Still getting my boosts from Kombucha and home grown Kefir...Interestingly the boosts come immediately - before they get to my gut...


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@Cort Good to hear about the kefir & kombucha. I've started drinking kefir in the last week, we now have a large Polish population in Britain so sauerkraut, kefir & sour dough are more available these days.

In the book, Giulia mentions she had a mystery skin complaint as a teenager so she investigated probiotics & prebiotics and the skin problem was eventually resolved.

The book doesn't mention ME/CFS specifically but covers the recent research in the gut biome world & possible application in auto immune diseases. I thought it would be a good useful accessible primer for those interested in the gut biome research of Horning & Lipkin at Columbia & what prompted it.

Although a popular work, all the research mentioned is referenced at the back and she knows her stuff. There are some bitchy comments on the Goodreads page but suspect it's because she is young & healthy looking!

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