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One of the cornerstones of my health maintenance plan is an ongoing war on Biofilms because of the secondary infections that crop up. This is perhaps the best reference I have on the subject:

I was very surprised to see Stevia on the list. Andrographis is one that people may not have heard about before, it seems weaker than garlic though, but maybe my secondary infections are different.

There's a trick to eating garlic btw... I mash and preserve a whole bulb of garlic cloves each week in olive oil. That would make me smell pungent... except I also eat cilantro and/or parsley every time that I add some garlic to my food. Those two herbs have a way of neutralizing BO caused by garlic.

One infection I had last year wouldn't clear up until I did the garlic thing. Luckily I like garlic, and my gut doesn't mind it as much as it minds onions. Actually last year's garlic effect included a major increase in energy levels.

I'm actually not convinced that I don't have Lyme's. Last time I was checked for it it was after a course of quinolone antibiotics and there are other reasons (like the quinolone-joint flare thing which really should count as a symptom of it). I'll ask to be retested this year after enough months have gone by that it thinks it's safe to get in the blood. I know sometimes people troll the CFS community by saying we have undiagnosed Lyme's but sometimes they are just sincerely frustrated people. The Lyme's community has plenty to be frustrated by.

Overall I think the med community is thinking too strictly about infections of various types. It likes to imagine that there's only one strain of Borellia (there are 100 just in the USA alone), and that there's only Dr. Silverman's XMRV and nothing related, etc. It has magic bullet-itis in reverse, IE one causative agent per disease. (Magic bullet is a phrase used by people who disagree with Cancer treatments. One drug = cure.)

I just don't think it's as simple as that. There's a new book out on Lyme's for those wondering the same thing, or just looking for good ideas. My librarian got it for me on loan, it's very good and made me look up stevia just now. No need to buy it, check with your librarian first.

Although, I did have more activity in the past couple of days and have had a fever and chills also. I usually don't have that unless I forget my Valcyclovir. So obviously it's not only Herpes viruses I'm fighting off. I just couldn't resist, today was so warm and sunny and nice I felt almost normal, and even got a burst of energy halfway through. I'm paying now. But honestly I'd rather pay, it's worth the memory.
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My doctor has me on a biofilm busting compound from a compounding pharmacy in California. It contains bismuth, DMPS, and alpha lipoic acid.

He's also had me on lumbrokinase in the past, though it was pretty expensive.

Both have good research behind them.
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