Blood Pressure issues

I have been ill with ME/CFS for 8 1/2 years. In the last year and a half I have had blood pressure issues - both too high and too low. I just turned 65 (yikes!) and need to get some other "normal" aging issues addressed. I had a dermatologist treatment this week (non invasive) and my blood pressure spiked to 187/90. I had to remain in the office until it came down to 150/79. I have an upcoming colonoscopy; last year I had to scratch a colonoscopy because my blood pressure crashed to 80/44 and the doc would not give anesthesia. I hope I do not have a similar issue this year because I am way overdue to have this test.

Before I got sick I was 20 lbs lighter, exercised regularly and had good blood pressure (110/70).

Any advice?

Chris W.


I'm pretty obsessed with Dr Thomas Cowan's work regarding the heart lately.

"Cowan continues: When your body has high blood pressure, it is evidence that your body has narrowed the pipes, trying to get your blood circulating better.

In this scenario, conventional medical wisdom would have us take medication to dilate the blood vessels, "making the pipes wider", thus lowering the blood pressure. But in fact, in the context of the pump/shower metaphor, the high blood pressure is the body's stop-gap solution, rather than the problem.

Cowan claims that decreasing blood pressure through medication is in this case the wrong approach.

The right approach is to strengthen the pump. One does this by increasing cellular metabolism, and in particular by eating foods that create more water as a by-product of metabolism.

It turns out that fats create much more water in this way than do carbohydrates or proteins. And the fats that promote health the most are animal fats and coconut oil.

To summarize: If you have high blood pressure, eat more animal fats and coconut oil! (Isn't that what your doctor tells you?) For a longer, more complete exposition of this theory, check out Chapter 3 of The Fourfold Path to Healing."


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My blood pressure came down when I cleaned up my diet.........which cleaned up my liver. No Dairy, ..........I rarely eat meat....except for some wild caught very little of the bad fat. Lots of fruits and veggies........some nuts and seeds. In a nutshell, If one has a sluggish liver it can't filter blood which makes blood thick and therefore hard for the heart to pump.

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