Brain fog / fatigue can it be cfs ?


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Hi everyone, i'm New on this forum, i hope maybe i can get some insight on my situation.
I'm a 37 yo male, here is my tale:

My life changed completely 5 months ago,
this January, I was at work and experienced a migraine with aura for 30 min, ( bright colored zig zags on both eyes slowly fading to the sides).
I never had a migraine before and never had one similar since that episode.

The next day, I started to experience the same symptoms as when I had a concussion 15 years ago.
In 3 days, it's like a veil came onto me progressively, very strong noise intolerance (it actually hurts), light intolerance, constant light headedness, balance issues and persistant fatigue.
I have very Light sleep, insomnia, unrefreshing sleep, and the brain fog hits every morning as if i was intoxicated, that for me is thé worst.

I have a mental processing slowdown, forgetting words and slurred speech, and constant attention deficit, even simple tasks or conversations are very exhausting mentally.
I have trouble focusing between far and close objects, also experiencing a kind of constant mild double vision as if my eyes aren't "synced", same for tracking and reading text.
Rapid Movement on TV or screen makes me dizzy as well as subtitles.
Staying in bed lessens the symptoms, as well as nighttime ( for some reason the brain fog is less present in the evening /night).

For a few days, I thought these symptoms were because of the Migraine since I never had one, but a month later nothing had changed so I decided to go see a neurologist.
I did psycho motor and neuropsy evaluations, both were below the norm for my age, but EEG and MRI didn't show anything.

The neurologist then concluded it could be due to stress or anxiety.
I had to stop working and playing sport as it's impossible for me in this state to perform any brain demanding activity.
It's now 4 months later, and all symptoms are still there, I'm resting all day long, I'm not anxious, but feel frustrated because it's like my life has been taken from me!

I dont have muscle or joint pain, as for PEM, its hard to explain but for sure walking Just one mile Will drain my brain to the point of fainting and exacerbate the fog/tunnel vision.
I feel weak and need to lay often(in bed 20h/day), but i dont sleep i just rest, by that i mean i dont fit the sleeping profile i often read about Me ( People sleeping all Day long).
I Wonder what you think about my case, my primary symptom being that awful brain fog, and constant lack of brain/cerebral stamina.

The medical sector in my country is far from progressive and they tend to refer you to a psichiatrist as soon as you dont fit in their boxes.
My neurologist dont even think Me/FM is real...

Thank you kindly for your help, appreciated !



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Any recent exposures to toxins (move in a new house or work, new chemical exposure, added medications)?

Sore throat, abnormal lab tests, other people sick that you live with?


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Slapstick, I have almost the same exact symptoms! been dealing with it for years off and on, I am able to fight through and make it to work but it makes living miserable!!!!!


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Thanks Steve,

Its always reassuring to know I'm not alone, I'm trying to cope with them, I can function again, but clearly life doesn't have the same taste, I feel so diminished..
Were you ever diagnosed with something?
Have you found anything to make it better?


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hi slapstick stick this sounds so much like me . I was diagnosed with me a few weeks ago but can. not find any one with vision problems like mine. how did you get on with finding out what's wrong



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Hi Steve, funny I'm from 81 as well, assuming it's your birthdate.
Well, I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos syndrome, and it produces all kinds of side effects. It's a slow progression, so that would explain why it's perceptible now.
Other than that, I haven't been able to find a clear explanation for this lack of "energy" in my brain, I feel mildly sedated all the time, also impacting my vision, although it's the blurry thoughts and constant attention déficit that drives me crazy.
Hope you can find something to make it better!


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Deal with OA mess bodywide and was told Fibro years ago but NO BRAIN FOG...and I totally believe thanks to years of Grape Seed Extract...I'm 82.

My breathing is good. NO colds, flu etc and no vaccines...

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