Brain Fog is likely mast cell and glial inflammation.

Discussion in 'Mast Cell and Histamine' started by Remy, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. Remy

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    This is a great post on how brain fog is most likely caused by a combination of mast cell and glial activation...and may be fixed by a combination of a galantamine to activate the cholinergic pathway and ibudilast (currently one of the drugs Dr Younger is studying).

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  2. Remy

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    I have been taking this combination myself for a couple of weeks now.

    It's obviously early days, but I'm noticing a big difference. Fingers crossed.

    I didn't even really think I had brain fog, to be honest, so this combination may actually help with numerous symptoms caused by over activation of these two systems.

    I'm very encouraged.
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  3. Who Me?

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    Since I started OTC stuff for mast cell my brain functioning is worse, so I totally agree with this.
  4. Remy

    Remy Administrator

    That's the opposite though..,it should get better!
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  5. Who Me?

    Who Me? Well-Known Member

    That's what I meant. Point made. Lol. It's flaring up but should get better. Means I'm doing something right.
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  6. Lissa

    Lissa Well-Known Member

    Yeah.... Curious for opinions here: I started taking Neuroprotek a few days ago and seemed to have a weird reaction. (I'm already doing H1/H2 blockers for suspected MCAS)

    I took 1 with lunch and later I felt as if I'd taken a muscle relaxant. I fell asleep HARD and slept for 4 or 5 hours. I rarely need to take naps and if I do, I usually struggle to get 15 minutes of sleep. Afternoon is usually an active time for me.

    So I switched to taking 1 at dinner. Been SUPER brain foggy the last few days. Oddly so. Then horribly sluggish in the morning. I didn't take one last night- and sure enough I feel more normal this morning.

    My question is.... Is this stuff working or NOT working?! I'm inclined to quit taking it because it's making me even more dysfunctional. But if it's a sign it's working --- Do I need to press on? Very confusing....

    I'm wondering if I need to try one of the ingredients at a time. Any thoughts from the MCAS experts/experimenters out there? Thanks!
  7. Remy

    Remy Administrator

    For me, an extreme need to sleep signals an allergic type reaction. It's usually to food or chemicals but could easily be a supplement too.

    I think I would probably stop it for a couple of days and see if it stays away and then trial the ingredients separately. It could even be a filler. :(
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  8. Lissa

    Lissa Well-Known Member

    That's a great point! I react like that with soy actually.... I've just avoided it so long that I forgot it happens. I think I'll not even do a retrial. Doesn't seem worth it. Thanks so much @Remy ! :)
  9. Who Me?

    Who Me? Well-Known Member

    Before I got it I did exactly what remy said, tried each Ingredient alone. I did not have problems like you did

    I may have missed the entire soy comment but doesn't he use olive oil as a base to this?
  10. Lissa

    Lissa Well-Known Member

    Sorry... Didn't mean to imply Neuroprotek has soy in it. The label states it does not.

    I was just using algebraic style reasoning... If soy = toxic sleepiness; and Neuroprotek = toxic sleepiness; (and for me, toxic sleepiness = allergy/intolerance....) then I must have an allergy/intolerance to some ingredient in Neuroprotek.

    It's just that I hadn't had such a strong reaction in sooooo long that I'd forgotten the consequences/meaning. Total brain fog moment. Makes total sense after @Remy kicked my rusty memory bank into gear.
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  11. Who Me?

    Who Me? Well-Known Member

    I actually think I understood what you said. Neuroprotek = allergic reaction.

    I'm using Rutin and Quercetin. I noticed nothing from the luteolin so I stopped that. What has really helped is a digestive enzyme. When I eat something and have a reaction I take some mangosteen.

    What is still annoying is one day I can eat something, the next I can't.

    And I'm pretty sure my extra dose of fog and confusion started about the time I started dealing with this so I'm on to something.
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  12. Issie

    Issie Well-Known Member

    Surprisingly, if you have issues with phenols, Then rutin and quercetin could be an issue. That's why they have a version of Neuroprotec with lower of those two things. I had a bad reaction to rutin recently. And never really thought quercetin did much for me. Want to try luteolin by itself.

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  13. Remy

    Remy Administrator

    Looks like a combination of galantamine and an NMDA antagonist like memantine may be even more effective when combined with ibudilast.

    This study is on cognition in schizophrenic patients, but I think there is relevance for MECFS too.
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  14. Remy

    Remy Administrator

    And add in some nicotine lozenges for a 1-2-3-4 brain fog punch!

    I actually think this is a pretty big deal finding.

  15. Who Me?

    Who Me? Well-Known Member

    I was reading you need B5 and choline to get the most benefit from galantamine
  16. rebar

    rebar Active Member

    There are now several things mentioned and I'm modestly confused.
    I mentioned previously that cognitive stuff is one of my most troubling problems, and would love a little more info.
    Also are you going to try Oxaloacetate?

    So what are you doing presently, and are you still feeling benefit. Also dosage.

    thanks, you post some interesting sites and topics.
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  17. Remy

    Remy Administrator

    Yes, it's my worst failing...if one supplement is good, twelve must be fantastic!! But unfortunately, I think sometimes less is better.

    Right now, I'm doing the ibudilast 10 mg and galantamine 4 mg twice a day...morning and mid afternoon.

    I am sporadically adding in things like oxaloacetate (100 mg) and nicotine lozenges (2 mg) as needed for energy when I want to walk the dogs or do the treadmill.

    I plan to do a test of higher dose oxaloacetate to see what that does but I am going to order the higher dosage CronAxal product instead of the 100 mg BenaGene, I think, to save on the number of capsules I'd have to take.

    I'm also taking 5 mg of memantine at night for sleep. This intervention is too new to know if it is truly helping or not. But I can say so far it is not hurting or giving me a morning hangover.

    I agree with @Who Me? , that a source of choline and B vits is a good idea on this sort of protocol. I like and eat eggs several times a week but you could also use something like AlphaGPC. I also take the Jarrow B Right twice a day.

    So far so good, but I'll continue to experiment with doses etc and report back.
  18. rebar

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  19. Who Me?

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  20. Remy

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    Really well. It's one of my favorite supplements so far. I'm still messing around with the dose. I was close to running out and it was back ordered so I had to drop down for a while.

    The only issue is maybe a little stomach upset but I don't even notice that happening much anymore.

    The ibudilast/galantamine/antihistamine combo has been quite successful for me so far. I'm not cured but I'm much better than I was.