Brain Fog - stuck in a loop

Stuck in a loop - one of the more confusing symptoms is when the part of my brain with the 'to do list' continues to work while part of the consciousness shuts down. In this mode, I continue to work, but record no memory, so not remembering what I just did and looking at my internal 'to do' list - I do it again. When I pop back to full consciousness I have no awareness that I did the same thing over and over unless I run into evidence - like the same letter filed several times, or the same bookkeeping entry repeated, or several scans of the same receipt or, or people asking me about meetings I have no memory of attending, or several days later, when 3 of the same object ordered are delivered. When I worked briefly as a part-time bank teller, one of these episodes was actually caught on video. I move slowly and stiffly, repeat motions three times, and go through the motions skipping steps and gave away $500 (he was trying to withdraw from his account, but the only step I actually completed was giving him the money. With his repeated prompting). Luckily I only gave him the $500 once. Anyone else have these kinds of Twilight Zone experiences?


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Hi Carol I often bring up the same conversations, that my son tells me we had the night before that I cannot ever remember having. ( no, he's not a teenager trying to fool his mom) I'm not sure if it's caused only by FM, as sleep hypnotics that most of us have to take are also known to cause memory gaps. Pain medications are not kind to our brains either. So, you are not alone. It 's quite disconcerting though, isn't it.
I didn't use sleeping pills until last 10 years and no pain meds except aspirin and Tylenol. And most people with CFS/ME have stories. It's not related to drugs, but I think it's inherent to condition.

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