Can you recommend some Lecithin for Liposome creation?

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    Can anyone offer any sources for Soya Lecithin powder in the UK/Europe? I would prefer organic lecithin because most soya lecithin is extracted using hexane which anyone with CFS does not need. I would also like it to be de-oiled and preferably none GM Soya lecithin powder rather than granules at the lowest price I can find. I want it for use when preparing liposomes such as essential oils for fighting lyme and CFS. De-oiled reduces the high polyunsaturated fats which are present in soya and sunflower oil.

    Polyunsaturated fats tend to cause degradation of liposomes due to their tendency to oxidize. This can make the liposomes degrade fairly quickly, especially if not kept at a low temperature such as a fridge.

    I know where I need to attack but finding something which works is proving very difficult. Efflux Pump Inhibitors would help but I can only guess the bacteria species which makes it extremely difficult. Lyme is making everything extremely difficult because previous methods of managing CFS which worked well prior to becoming infected by the Lyme bacteria are far less effective.

    The lecithin that I know of:
    This one from Minerals and Water is the best price that I can find but they offer very little information apart from mentioning de-oiled in the title but not anywhere else. Their website has been none working for long periods since they moved addresses. It has just started working and they still have not fixed the access problems with the soya lecithin listing. I told them about this about a month ago! The whole website has been showing "under maintenance" for around 2 months with some brief periods where it could be accessed but was still not fully working. The link is to their eBay listing (£9.79) because the link on their website cannot be accessed. On their website it is £7.64 +delivery.
    The only link that will work to mineralsandwater lecithin products lecithin&sub_category=true&description=true

    £12.50 for 500g on eBay which does claim to be none GMO but no mention of being de-oiled or hexane free.
    Other options on are around £28.95 delivered for 1 Kg. which costs £29.95 inc delivery for 1 Kg. Very little information and no mention of being de-oiled or none GM.
    The poor availability and inadequate listings means that I have had to look towards Germany but sadly their listings are no better and prices are also very high.
    2 x 1 Kg for €36.90 plus delivery from Germany (€11.76)
    €19.90 none GM plus delivery from Germany which I cannot find as there is no available listing for the UK
    This is £47.00 for 300 grams and no mention of being hexane free. It does have 40% PC content which is a very high %

    I like the following manufacturer's product but the price is jaw dropping :greedy: @ €78.00 + delivery, it is also available on Amazon for £83.00 + £9.50 delivery. It does have quite a high Phosphatidylcholine [PC] content of 29% which is quite high. Soya lecithin PC content tends to be around 22-23%. However nearly £100 for only 1.2 Kg of lecithin is far more than I wanted to pay!

    One last one which I have no price or supplier for is the lecithin by Lecico Germany. The specification looks like it might be what I want but the price is unknown. I do not know how the price compares to the ivovital brand.
    LECICO P 900 Organic looks like the one which I would like. The company is part of the Avril group if that means anything to anyone.

    Therefore can anyone make any recommendations? Do you know of any websites selling Soya Lecithin within Europe? Do you know of any supplier for Lecico lecithin?
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