Resource Canadian Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Doctors Pt. II

Curated list of doctors treating ME/CFS patients in Canada

  1. Cort

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  2. KaLee

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    A good resource -- thanks. Yet, I wonder how accurate, or up-to-date the list is.

    For example, Dianne P. Mosher is listed under Nova Scotia. Her practice is currently in Alberta, and has been for at least seven years (as long as I've been her patient). Although she confirmed my previous diagnosis of FM, her practice interest appears to be limited to rheumatic diseases -- the reason I see her. I believe she knows more about FM, and possibly ME/CFS, than she acknowledges. However, she probably does not belong on a list of ME/CFS/FM doctors (based on my appointments). My attempts to broaden our discussions have not been successful. Doctor Mosher is a good rheumatologist, and I'm glad to have her on my team. But, she has a busy practice, and doesn't have time to expand her focus beyond the mainstream (recognized) rheumatic illness she is an expert on.