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Hi All

Lately i have been using the cbd oil for pain management and to reduce the anxiety I feel on daily basis. i am on a really low dose at the moment, however, i was wondering if there's any place I can bulk buy CBD oil for my vape pen if it proves very successful in managing the pain. I am having to buy them in groups from multiple vape shops and that's proving expensive.

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I've been using it too. There's an online place called Palmetto Harmony that was started by a woman fighting for her daughter's life, so it's very trustworthy. Can't say it won't be expensive though.

It really helps me sleep, but what stopped my pain was going gluten free. I've been opiate free for over 2.5 months, maybe as long as 4 months (I have a terrible sense of time, so I underestimate). That's after not being able to function without it for over 10 years. We really need to stop making fun of the "gluten free diet" people.

I bought my first one from a vape shop, the drops, its' so bizarre to get what I consider medicine there, but hey whatever... tobacco is medicine too I guess.


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I would be curious if anyone has taken just the plain hemp oil (Nutiva etc) for pain. There seems conflict on whether it contains adequate cbd but does have other cannabinoids. I take it as part of my anti-microbial attack and it does quite well.

There are many different types of cannabinoids and many of them have anti microbial effect, particularly with antibiotic resistance.


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HI I just made my first purchase from a place called lazarus naturals that I found by reading up on best cbd products. They offer a 60% discount to people who are disabled, veterans and low income. That's a really amazing discount! I had to apply by submitting documents to them online, all the info is on their website. Hope this is ok to post about, let me know if not.

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