Censored truths that Long COVID and ME/CFS groups can no longer keep hidden


Hopefully I can discuss 'controversial' ideas that shouldn't be controversial here.
  1. COVID vaccines seem to cause more harm than good in chronic illness patients.
  2. Ivermectin is a reasonable treatment for Long COVID.
  3. Research money is being wasted on the microclots theory.

COVID vaccines and vaccinations in chronic illness patients​

Let’s start with the most controversial and politicized topic. Now that a good body of evidence exists, it is clear that most studies are showing that vaccination causes more harm than good in chronic illness patients.

I’ve put up a 8 and a half minute video along with its slides.

6 out of 8 relevant studies indicate a net harm. 2 of the studies are higher quality as they are prospective observational studies rather than (retrospective) surveys. Both of the higher-quality studies indicate a net harm*. (*To be fair, one of the studies examined the effect of vaccinations on patients who had already been hurt by them and its results were not surprising.)

One particularly troubling anecdote is Heidi Ferrer, whose Long COVID symptoms exploded after her Moderna vaccination. Her eulogy (https://web.archive.org/web/20220309031441/https://girltomom.com/a-prayer/heidis-eulogy) provides some details on her health post-vaccination. Moderna set off a chain of events that led to her trying Ambien for crippling sleep issues post-vax and a poorly-executed suicide. It is not clear what factors played a role in her death (Ambien, Long COVID, vaccination side effects, her controlling husband, etc.); suicide is a known side effect of Ambien/zolpidem. However, the chain of events likely would not have occurred if she had not gotten vaccinated.

While higher-quality evidence would be ideal, it does not look like we will get it. Yale conducted its Recovery study (NCT04895189) which studied the effect of COVID vaccination on unvaccinated Long COVID sufferers. It would have added another prospective observational study to the body of evidence. However, its release has been pushed back 2 years to 2025. We will have to base decisions on the current body of evidence.

This whole debacle certainly highlights problems with the current ecosystem of “advocacy” groups, clinicians, and researchers. Medical recommendations were given without strong evidence that vaccination was appropriate in chronic illness groups. After patient groups started surveying patients and finding evidence of harm (e.g. ANZMES, ME Association UK, etc.), they largely did not try to correct the record. Instead, they continued to recommend COVID vaccinations anyways.

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