CFS/ME diagnosis after ovarian cancer


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Hi everyone.
I'm a new member but long term follower of Healthrising. I'm interested in information about CFS/ME diagnosis after chemo and hysterectomy with bilateral sapling/oorphorectomy due to ovarian cancer ( 2004-2005.) About a year after chemo was complete, I experienced disabling fatigue. I made the rounds of specialists for 8 months. I looked fine on paper. I began seeing Dr. Lapp and after following me for several years he diagnosed CFS/ME. I had no pain - as in fibromyalgia - and still do not. Has anyone had similar experience? Does anyone know if chemo and/or these above mentioned surgeries can cause CFS/ME?
I stopped seeing Dr. Lapp years ago - not because I didn't like him a lot. Now I'm thinking about seeing Dr. Klimas. Anyone seen her recently? Results?
Thank you


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I didn't have cancer, but did have a complete hysterectomy at a young age. For sure things seemed to intensify after that. Not thinking you would be able to go on any type of hormone replacement? The only thing I found to help a little was estriol. But also, when I started treating mast cell issues I had a huge change and improvement for the better. (Still not well, a work in progress.)
I so feel for you. It is so miserable having to deal with after affects of a hysterectomy, much less cancer.
Can't answer for Dr. Kilmas, but heard good things.


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Most often, this disease is undetected until it spreads to the pelvis and abdomen. If discovered early, ovarian cancer can be treated successfully by doctors. Doctors do not know exactly what causes ovarian cancer, but they believe it occurs when a cell develops mutations in DNA. Generally, a gynecologist makes the diagnosis based on symptoms, medical history, and investigations. At, you can learn all the information you need about it.

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