CFSAC Committee has been shuttered -- from CFSAC mailing list

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    "CFSAC Sunset" is the subject of an email sent out to recipients of the CFSAC mailing list today. Here is the text of the message:

    "The charter for the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Advisory Committee (CFSAC), a discretionary (not Congressionally mandated) entity, expired on September 5, 2018. During its unusually long tenure, the CFSAC advised the Secretary of Health and Human Services on a number of issues related to myalgic encephalomyelitis/ chronic fatigue syndrome. The committee and ex-officio members ably fulfilled the duties in the charter, which included informing the public and health care professionals about the illness, and insuring that input from patients and caregivers was incorporated into Departmental research now being conducted by NIH and CDC. The Secretary, on behalf of the entire Department of Health and Human Services, wishes to thank the committee and its many members who served so diligently over the years for their hard work and dedicated service. He also wishes to thank members of the public and the advocate community for their participation on various work groups, as well as for their support and dedication to this cause. HHS remains committed to working with stakeholders to support the critical research and programs necessary to discover the causes and treatments for this disabling disease."
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