Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Makes List of Top Science Stories of 2015!


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That IOM report really. really got the ball moving for chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). Thus far ME/CFS has made two lists of the top science stories for 2015. (When was the last time ME/CFS got into the national consciousness like that?)

[/fright]Perceptions of ME/CFS are surely changing rapidly with all this good coverage.

Digital News selected stories with "a wide global impact which have the potential to shape, people's lives. They picked one key science story for each month of the year.

Their February piece on the IOM report on ME/CFS was one of the most widely read of the entire year.
The most popular science story in February, and one of the most read science stories of the year, generated advocates on both sides. This concerned the 'renaming' of "chronic fatigue syndrome." The new term selected by the body that registers the names of conditions is " systemic exertion intolerance disease." Because chronic fatigue syndrome was an established way that many suffers defined their condition, many people reacted angrily to the news. Medical experts too were concerned that the new definition is too broad, leading to potential misdiagnosis.

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The ME/CFS article on the IOM report by Julie Rehmeyer (ME/CFS patient) "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Gets Some Respect" was Discover Magazine's 51st of 100 top science stories of the year. It started out
In 2006, I staggered into a neurologist’s examining room. The previous week, my legs seemed stuck to the floor, and I strained mightily to lift them. I couldn’t tell whether my muscles were suddenly too weak to raise my feet, or whether the signal to move was getting lost as it traveled from my brain to my legs. Whatever was happening, I needed help. The neurologist’s diagnosis: chronic fatigue syndrome. After I recovered from my incredulity — fatigue? — I asked him about tests, treatments and specialists. He had nothing to suggest"

ME/CFS indeed is getting press and it's getting respect. The NIH is re-engaged - we'll see how that turns out - and private funding is picking up. It's been a good year and the next year should be better.
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