Civil rights lawyer takes Karina Hansen's case


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Bente Stenfalk posted at the Justice for Karina Hansen Facebook page that the Civil Rights Movement (a Danish organization?) has found a lawyer to represent Karina Hansen.

Today I have the pleasure to tell you that the Civil Rights Movement has managed to find a lawyer who will take the Karina-case.

It has been difficult. Many lawyers have been contacted, and many have read and read and ALMOST taken the case and then ‘run away’.

But now the case is finally under preparation, and this courageous lawyer has taken the case: Christina Poblador.

We have also informed the Dutch association Save4Children who have been so kind to gather a large sum of money to the case, and we have told it to Valerie Eliot Smith, an English lawyer, who has followed the case closely. A lot of people have followed her blog about Karina.

I sincerely hope that this will be the beginning of the end of Karina Hansen's completely unfair and unfortunate fate in psychiatric ‘care’.

If you have got more trust in us now, there is still an opportunity for donations to the Karina-case:
You can donate a sum of money, small or big, on this account: 5352 0243262 / Workers' Land Bank, or via MobilPay or Swipp on mobile: 53314832 - Remember write " Donation for Karina"

The post includes links I didn't quote. For more information go to the Facebook page:
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