Closing the Gender Gap - NIH Changes Policy in Treatment Trials


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The Pain Research Forums stated that NIH is going to require that female animals be used in preclinical laboratory trials. Almost all studies now use male animals. Many more women than men experience chronic pain, however and the transition from pain drug in the lab to successful drug for humans has been horrid.

It was only in 1993 that the NIH required that women be included in clinical trials. (They had to require that!)

One woman in the discussion said

Rebecca Craft of Washington State University, Pullman, US, on the “for” side. Craft, who studies sex differences in opioid and cannabinoid sensitivity, said many pain conditions are two to six times more prevalent in women than in men (Unruh, 1996). “How well has animal research modeled that figure?” she asked. According to a paper by co-panelist Jeffrey Mogil, she said, “The answer is, ‘not that well’” (Mogil and Chanda, 2005).

Craft also asked, “What is the cost of the status quo,” where clinical failures of analgesic drugs are the norm?


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My issue with this is that I actually don't think animals need to be used. They really hurt those animals causing them pain in some way and then give them the drug.

I don't know, I just think you can test a drug on people already in pain, men and women. If you are testing if the drug is safe on animals then you don't have to cause them pain first. No adverse affects on the animal, move to humans already in pain.

I hate testing on animals period but putting them into pain first is not acceptable.

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