Coffee's History of Health Benefits


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I drink a cup every day to get going. Before my coffee I'm pretty wiped out from a long night's sleep and not moving. But I keep it to one cup, in my working life, it was 2 cups but don't anymore. Water the rest of the day.

For me, it gets me going, helps with pain and until I get that cup in my, I'm not very good.

I have been doing a bullet drink for some time now, a small amount of coconut oil and then a little stevia and some coconut creamer.

Good benefits in this link:

Here is a good link from Johns Hopkins too:

As always do your research for your body and health. Hope some comments here...such a quiet group.


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Too much caffeine does do one harm, for one drains the adrenal glands. Keep the amount to a nice
minimum, 2 cups is what I drank yrs ago, one in AM and one at 3ish....Now it's am only and the
rest of the day it's water.


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There has also been a lot of talk about the role of coffee (caffeine) in relieving pain. I'm not sure they understand exactly why it works just that there is anectodical evidence that it does. The theories that I've read is that it enhances the pain relieving effects of other things like NSAIDs. I have noticed the effect, but in my case I've noticed a slight positive benefit without taking any pain medicine.

I wish it wasn't addictive and I wish I didn't get desensitized to any energy effects if I have it every day. I tapered off of it months ago and have a large cup every other day, making adjustments for the days I know I'll really need it.


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I like coffee and do I need it, if I really wanted to I could stop it all, but one med mug around 10:30AM is my quota at this point in my life, when I worked I had a cup in early AM and one about 3PM. Retired now and 1 cup in AM is fine. Nice dash of coconut creamer and stevia gives me a nice desert type flavor.

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