Commercially available ketone ester


This is big!

Ketones are an important alternative source of fuel to glucose from carbohydrates that completely bypasses the potential block at pyruvate dehydrogenase. Beyond that, ketones are metabolically about 30% more efficient than equivalent amounts of glucose and are a much better bang for the buck, so to speak.

The benefits of a ketogenic diet for all sorts of metabolic and neuroinflammatory conditions are immense and well documented in the literature. The trouble has always been sticking to a low enough carbohydrate diet that would allow for the high levels of ketones to be present in the blood for therapeutic effects.

Before now, ketone salts were the only type of exogenous ketones commercially available. While these products are useful in certain cases, it was difficult to get the higher levels of ketones required for the therapeutic effects with them alone.

Now there is a ketone ester product commercially available for the first time. It's super expensive but I expect the price will drop as competition enters the market.

Right now it's mostly being marketed to athletes for increased performance and recovery for these benefits:

Improved Performance
Greater Muscle Efficiency
Lower Lactate
Glycogen Sparing
Increased Glycogen Resynthesis
Lower Protein Breakdown
Increased Protein Synthesis
Higher Use of Muscle Fat Stores

View the research beyond this product here:

I know most people will not be able to try this product right away due to the cost. But understanding the science of why a ketogenic has so many benefits for ME/CFS is the first step. There is a lot we can do to achieve that state in the meanwhile, until the cost of the product makes it affordable enough for everyday use.


This is very interesting stuff. I most definitely feel more energetic when doing Atkins. The problem, as you know, is sticking to it long term.

PS. Looking forward to try the product once available, which will apparently be in April 2018 according to the website.

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