Could it be a case of atypical CFS/ME


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It has been 6 months that I have a purely muscular fatiguability that doesn't recover with severe PEM.

Here's the history of my case:
I presented 6 months ago a mild fatiguability of my arms after a 24 hours shift. I could train the day after but it was a day off. 2 days after I trained again but was too tired to continue so i stopped.
1 day after, i presented acutely a severe fatigue in my calves. I decided to stop physical acitivity and continued to go to work for 2 weeks, but i wasn't recovering so I took 2 weeks off.
1 month after the beginning of symtoms i was 80% recovered. I decided to resume physical activity, so i went for a light ride. I was ok, but 24 hours after i presented a severe fatigue in my arms and calves. I went to work for 2 weeks, but i was deteriorating day after day.
I took a medical leave for 3 weeks. I was almost recovered after 8 weeks. Then i decided to go for a 10 min bike ride. 12 hours after, i presented an acute fatigue in my arms. After 2 weeks of work again, i took another medical leave.
3 weeks after, i relapsed again, and this time it was because i held my phone for too long. I had this time also cold sensitivity in my arms and burning sensation in the night that woke me from sleep.
1 week later, i woke up in the morning with generalized skin cold sensitivity, burning skin pain that woke me from sleep, severe fatigubaility in my arms and legs, non postural lightheadedness, monocular diplopia of the right eye and dry skin, eyes and mouth. I was housebound for 1 month.
I am 6 months now after the beginning of my symptoms:
I still have muscle fatiguability that recovers very slowly, All the others signs improve slowly. I can go out, walk a little, but i push i am punished.
I can't find a diagnosis. I consulted many physicians, they told that it's psychosomatic. One doctor told that it's fibromyalgia, but i am not convinced. All the investigations that I have done were normal.
The closest disease I can find that could explain my symptoms is CFS/ME:
But i don't lack energy, I don't feel tired and i sleep well. I think i have PEM but it's mainly muscular.

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