COVID-19 "Long haulers"


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Well, several newspaper and online articles have appeared discussing COVID-19 "Long haulers", which means people who can't get well after having the illness. At first I thought they were going to be articles about truck drivers getting COVID-19!

Here is a really good article:

It has a quote from Jen Brea in it! Yay!

Here is a less great article:

In the above article, There is a quote from a Daniel Kuritzkes, chief of the division of infectious diseases at Brigham and Women's Hospital. It is talking about why these patients' symptoms won't go away:

"Another possibility is that the persisting and recurring symptoms are caused by a separate, chronic post-viral syndrome, experts, including Kuritzkes, have said. But Kuritzkes said he doesn't believe such syndromes are common. "

Oh, he doesn't believe such syndromes are common? How did he get his job with such massive ignorance?! I have news for him: THEY ARE COMMON. Learn about ME/CFS!

Or am I misunderstanding him?


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It sounds like there are a lot of these patients already. And they are getting media attention.

I was watching CNN today and Brooke Baldwin was talking to a doctor, and the doctor brought up the subject of COVID long haulers. How much power will this phenomenon and these people have to change the world?


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My God, the media coverage is astonishing. On CNN this morning a reporter just said:
"If young people get this illness they could end up with chronic fatigue syndrome, which they could have for life."

As if it's common knowledge! It's just so weird to hear people on TV talking about our illness.


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I have been hearing a lot of stories about people's experiences post COVID-19. Some who have severe breathing difficulties, exhaustion, some with brain fog and other problems which I cannot recall. There have been many recollections by people, including a doctor earlier on Tuesday morning on BBC Radio 5. This comes up regularly.

I believe that I had COVID-19 in June. I had difficulty breathing which I have never experienced before. My breathing has always been excellent apart from having a big requirement for oxygen. I would not describe it as air hunger like some describe their experience. I think that many sufferes breath very shallow due to their high stress response. I take a herb which stops that and lowers my stress levels by treating the kidneys and HPA axis.

I did have some herbs which I used which helped my breathing and stopped the breathing problems. I learned of them from Stephen Harrod Buhners guide on COVID-19. I did speak to a Doctor on the phone and she did want to send an ambulance but I refused because of the high risk that I was at because of my other health issues and they do not know how to treat COVID-19 IMO. I had the herbs necessary to treat my breathing and treat the virus. I did have a strongly antimicrobial and antiviral herb which is very effective against it but I would not use that because I am saving that to use against the micro-organisms that cause my CFS/ME. If I had used the herb then they would of developed resistance against it. That is something which I am not going to allow because when I eventually use it I intend to use other things to eliminate any resistance and any adaptability to antimicrobials. I am very hopeful that I can finally eliminate CFS and restore my health. That is desperately needed following the adverse effects of COVID-19 and/or T1 diabetes ie kidney disease which I have not yet been able to get tested in order to find out how severe the degree. I am having to take a lot more in order to help with that which is costing me even more time and money and I cannot afford either, especially time.


There is a growing body of media articles now about Covid "long haulers" ... I have read numerous interviews of people left with the symptoms, and wow, do they ever sound exactly as though they are describing what many of us experience with ME/CFS. The long-haulers, many of them young and previously very healthy, talk in the interviews about crippling fatigue, headaches, cardiac problems, weakness, inability to work or carry out normal daily stuff or look after their kids, mental fog, a sense that they have lost the body they had before, that they cannot resume their normal lives, waves of illness that come and go ... AND also that doctors don't believe them, family and friends don't believe them, they feel all alone, they can't get help, they are told it's in their heads, they are given medication for anxiety ... all sounds so familiar, right?

Wow. And they've "only" been sick for five or six months. How alone are they going to feel after thirty years?

Am I the only person with ME who finds the media circus around this a tad confusing ... since there were millions of ME sufferers pre-Covid who had all these problems for decades! Doctors in the interviews all act as though they have never heard of virally-triggered chronic illness. Really???

I feel very sorry for these long-haulers, and hope that maybe the attention being given to them will result in research that will help ALL of us, and that maybe more attention will be paid to viruses as catalysts of ME. Anyone know if any such research efforts are being spurred on by the Covid crisis, which maybe will be able to accomplish what the ME crisis didn't?


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I thought it was about truck drivers at first as well (lol). I too have amazed at all the stories. There are so many stories that I'm a bit overwhelmed at the thought of doing a blog on them - which I am about to do.

That's a nice change - too much good data!

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