COVID-19 "Long haulers"


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Well, several newspaper and online articles have appeared discussing COVID-19 "Long haulers", which means people who can't get well after having the illness. At first I thought they were going to be articles about truck drivers getting COVID-19!

Here is a really good article:

It has a quote from Jen Brea in it! Yay!

Here is a less great article:

In the above article, There is a quote from a Daniel Kuritzkes, chief of the division of infectious diseases at Brigham and Women's Hospital. It is talking about why these patients' symptoms won't go away:

"Another possibility is that the persisting and recurring symptoms are caused by a separate, chronic post-viral syndrome, experts, including Kuritzkes, have said. But Kuritzkes said he doesn't believe such syndromes are common. "

Oh, he doesn't believe such syndromes are common? How did he get his job with such massive ignorance?! I have news for him: THEY ARE COMMON. Learn about ME/CFS!

Or am I misunderstanding him?


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It sounds like there are a lot of these patients already. And they are getting media attention.

I was watching CNN today and Brooke Baldwin was talking to a doctor, and the doctor brought up the subject of COVID long haulers. How much power will this phenomenon and these people have to change the world?


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My God, the media coverage is astonishing. On CNN this morning a reporter just said:
"If young people get this illness they could end up with chronic fatigue syndrome, which they could have for life."

As if it's common knowledge! It's just so weird to hear people on TV talking about our illness.

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