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She also did detoxification stuff. Some of these stories are amazing. Just got this in a comment on the blog. It suggests to me that some people don't need a lot of mold to get affected by it (if it was mold; I suppose it could be chemicals). She only found a little mold in her house.

I just got back from a ” retreat ” in Death Vallley.

We found mold in our home ( – little bit no one else is sick but me) . I had extensive testing 2 day exercise test done twice and had confirmed CFs.

I started on cholestyramine ( a bike acid sequestrant that helps pull mold into the bowel)

I feel like myself again for the first time in 7 years. I have my life back.

I also felt the need to ” run ” away. I went to Tacopa California and stayed at a great Airbnb and b called The Second Wind. It was a wonderful healing experience.

I had begun to feel better prior to going away . I detoxed with chlolestyramine and coffee Enemas ( weird until it works)

I am an allopathically trained pharmacist and before this worked I would have thought it was crazy but the results are that I can think straight and actually hiked a three mile hike in Death Valley with no payback.

I cried tears of joy after this.

I also met someone who had to limit his exposure to electromagnetic fields.

I often felt that we should bring back rest homes in dry areas with low mold and electromagnetic fields, in as pure if an environment as possible.

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