Dental Cavitations as a Possible Root Cause for Illness?

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    I learned a few years ago about the possibility that a chronic infection in my jaw at an extraction site could possibly be the culprit for my chronic inflammation, pain, and fatigue. Apparently, whenever a tooth is extracted or a root canal is done, there is a possibility that an infection will remain trapped in the site even after it's healed, and that infection can continuously leak out toxins into your body and eat up the healthy bone tissue in the vicinity. You can read more at the sites below or do your own search on "dental cavitation".

    For some reason, I felt like it wasn't worth the expense to investigate back when I first learned about it, but I've changed my mind now. I'm supposed to be having a phone call with a biological dentist this afternoon to discuss my concerns. I've never had a root canal, but I've had all four wisdom teeth extracted, and one of the sockets developed a nasty, rotting smell and taste shortly after the tooth was pulled. I didn't know I was supposed to have anything done about that so it healed over, so I might still have that infection hanging around in my jaw.

    Apparently, regular dental x-rays don't detect this condition. You need more advanced imaging such as a 3D x-ray to see it.

    Has anyone else here looked into this for themselves? If you had the condition, did you get surgery or treatment to correct the issue? Did you see improvements?
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    This theory was popular about 15 years ago.
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    Hi @TJ_in_UT ,

    I've looked into this fairly extensively, and have posted a fair amount on it, as well as various other dental/oral health issues. Here's a LINK to a fairly long thread that will take you to a remarkable story by someone who recovered from "CFS" by addressing his oral infections. Here's a link to a second story: -- Diagnosis Unknown - Story of CFS Recovery.

    I've had all my amalgams and dental crowns removed, as well as one root canaled tooth extracted. All this improved my health. But I still think I have some cavitation areas, one of which I think is responsible for the bulk of my tinnitus. So I'm hoping to find a holistic dentist who can help me with that.

    All the Best, Wayne
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    Those are fascinating stories. Thanks for directing me to them! I'm much in need of hope right now.

    The dentist and I are still playing phone tag, so I haven't been able to speak to him yet. I've had two different practitioners use bio-impedance machines to look me over. The first one was a rookie and didn't charge anything, just wanted practice. The second had been using it for many years. Neither of them were helpful in identifying a root cause for me, unfortunately. Neither were any of the various "energy healers" I saw who used "muscle testing". I'm sure one of them had a gift for this kind of work but wasn't using it properly (i.e. she was depending on muscle testing, instead of her own intuitions which I think would have informed her more reliably). I doubt if any of the others actually had the gift for it.

    However, I do have a friend who does have a gift for feeling energy irregularities with her hands. She found a "hot" spot on the right side of my face near the jaw a few years ago. I don't remember if I was already aware of dental cavitations at the time, or if she told me about them, or something else, but I've been remembering that experience a lot lately as if it's a sort of sign that I need to get this checked out. (I also have another friend who has been able to see auras since she was very young. I believe that subtle energies are a real thing, but after my experiences I'm very skeptical of anyone claiming to be able to use them to heal me.)
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    I spoke with the dentist yesterday. I got a CT scan done today and reviewed it with him. It was good news. I don't appear to have cavitations (so I won't need a painful surgery), but the scan revealed what appears to be an infection in my right maxillary sinus and inflammation in the left one. I don't have typical sinus infection symptoms, so I wouldn't have suspected that, but it could explain the chronic inflammation I have.
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    Happy to hear that. However... sometimes these kinds of scans are no more reliable than muscle testing. I had an oral surgeon tell me that a root canaled tooth I wanted to have extracted was in "perfect" condition, which his very latest scanning machine attested to. So I decided to forego the extraction. A few months later, I had a boil like eruption on my lip adjacent to that tooth. When I finally had it extracted, my chronic headaches improved considerably.

    Regarding your sinus issues: I've done quite a lot of research on iodine, and wrote a blog on Phoenix Rising. Here's a section on iodine that relates to sinus health...

    "Iodine and Autoimmunity: Here's a couple of quotes from the book, "Breast Cancer and Iodine", by David M. Derry, MD, PhD. -- "Iodine can coat incoming allergic proteins to make them non-allergic...". "Iodine binds softly to the double and triple bond of lipids to protect these bonds while they are being transported to synaptic sites in the brain and blood vessels of the body". -- The author believes this is why iodine deficiency likely has major implications for all sorts of auto-immune conditions.

    Iodine and Immunity: The above references to high concentrations of iodine in the nasal passages and stomach can have some pretty significant implications for our overall immunity. I read one testimonial online of a man who experienced exasperating, ongoing sinus infections for years, being unable to shake them. When he finally discovered iodine supplementation, his sinus infections cleared up within days. Reminded me of the many references I've seen of pw/ME/CFS struggling with sinus infections.

    Also, I'm currently doing simple nasal irrigation using an electronic nasal irrigator -- (SinuPulse Elite - $80). It's sure making my sinuses feel much better. So I'm on a road of "extreme" sinus cleanliness/clarity, and using essential oils in some form (per the two links below) to assist with that seems inevitable at this point. ..

    All the Best!


    Nasya: Sinus Cleansing and Emotional Baggage -- Learn how to clear sinuses with nasya and SAN in this article.

    If you found the above interesting, you may find the following short video interesting as well....


    Chronic Sinus Problems? Try the Bulletproof Sinus Rinse
    For the full blog post, visit:
    The best nasal irrigation I’ve found is a Bulletproof Sinus Rinse. Instead of a Neti Pot ...
  7. I have had nothing but tons of dental problems since being diagnosed with ME. My dentist tells me that my mouth is definitely different....once plague gets in, it moves super quick and the infections I get have characteristics unlike average people. I have had 4 dental implants thank goodness with much success. I don’t try to push and push to save a tooth if it means a root canal and there is not much to save. Root canals from what I have read always seem to leave infection and your basically keeping a dead tooth in your mouth. When I had my implants it felt so good to have the infection scraped off the bone and know I finally had an infection free tooth. However of course now new problems are coming up and it’s extremely hard to keep up financially, especially with implants. I know I need one more because again plague took off on me and beat the clock!
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    I was told about an herbal that you apply to your gums and leave on for at least an hour. It's supposed to clear cavatations and not have to do surgery. I do have less TMJ pain. It has to be gotten from a Korean doc who does acupunture, he trained in China. But you can contact him and he will mail it to you. It's called Oral Care. Docs name is Dr. Ging. He has some videos on the net. He feels it's his mission to help people. I'm not into energy medicines so much. But these herbs seem to help. He will contact you if you leave a message. He does a specialized form of acupuncture called neuro acupunture. He claims 2 sessions of about 3 hours each helps reset things in body. Very expensive - but sounds interesting. He is in TX. I'm not going to be able to do his treatments. But I like these herbals. Calms nervous system too. Dr. Cowden and my doc Jennifer Smith is who I learned about this from.
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    Wayne, the problem with sinus rinsing is that the rinse liquid can't enter the sinuses in large enough amounts to be effective, because the entry into sinus cavities is so small. To make matters worse, that entry is often swollen completely shut in case of sinusitis. Rinsing only helps in the nasal passages.
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    Do you know the name of that herb? Is there any testimony available or proof that this herb can heal cavitations without surgery? Seems too good to be true.
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