Dental problems related to Fibro

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jerid334roberts, Dec 8, 2016.

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    Hi everyone, I have been staying in Germany and we moved here in the last month.
    Just curious to know if anyone else here had any dental problems related to fibro! I am grinding my teeth all the time and I have tried different mouth guards, but of no use :(.
    My dentist didn't have the service of TMJ and also I have been spending more on my crown and root canal. I wonder if any of you had a similar experience.
    Is this common with fibro? I have fixed an appointment with a dentist here who provide TMJ service and hoping to get a better treatment.
    Can you please share your thoughts and suggestions?
  2. Cort

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    I think it is very common with FM. So much upper body and head and neck tension.

    I've been grinding my teeth for years. I had crown after crown - very expensive. I haven't done anything with the grinding but what changed that for me was using the Phillips Sonicare - the upgraded version - the Diamond Clean I think it is. Very powerful! Since then no more crowns (knock on wood) for the past 2 years....

    I've been putting off seeing the dentist - have to do that soon
  3. ShyestofFlies

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    Bruxism (spelling?) is very common w/fibro. It's a pretty common condition all around, made worse by stress for some and it can contribute to TMJD also- which also seems to be common in the fibro + all other co-morbidities you find around here

    Seems to come and go for me
    You can sort of train your body to not do it through awareness, some people do biofeedback but it seems unnecessary to me
    Set a reminder system if u are near a phone or computer often to relax your jaw

    One way to do this is gently rest your tongue between your teeth, you can't clench when you do this

    There are a few um... word? retainer? type braces for your jaw... guards... mouth guards
    You can get kits over the counter
    some find they help, some find they make things worse
    or you can get one made by a dentist/professional but I can't say whether it woudl cost you an arm and a leg or not

    I come from a dental family, but am not myself an expert- good luck, jaw problems are particularly painful! :(

    I think some of the anti-epileptics (common drugs here for fibro) can be bad for teeth, but I am not sure offhand

    I know one of the hormonal "treatments" they use for endometriosis, which is a somewhat common comorbidity can cause signficant dental problems too. Worth mentioning (gnrh ? class)
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    Great idea to remind yourself to relax the jaw. I wonder if I did that enough that would be enough....I'll give it a try.
  5. Paw

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    Yeah, all of the above. My TMJ has gotten significantly worse in recent years, with over-elastic joints (lots of popping) that seem to allow my jaw to mis-align while I sleep (it just falls to the side), which can lead to serious upper-jaw aches during the day. Plus I never feel that my jaw fits together correctly anymore; i.e. there's no closed position that feels natural. Several sets of crowns haven't helped.

    I do get some benefit from a fairly firm chin strap at night. It's mainly to help with my APAP (cpap) configuration (and to prevent mouth breathing), but it also keeps my jaw more or less in place, which helps limit day pain. I used to use a custom mouth guard, but I found that encouraged clenching.

    I've also been slowly getting in the habit of nestling my tongue against the roof of my mouth (during sleep and during the day). That prevents mouth breathing, and encourages relaxation (the jaw doesn't have to be tightly closed to prevent mouth breathing if the tongue is in the right place).