Desperately seeking Controls Southern California NIH study Inactive/Healthy (maybe Ithaca, NY too)


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Please the recruitment of persons with ME/cfs has been halted because of lack of healthy controls.
Please share with your friends. Inactive Healthy controls- this is possible- some of us sit at the computer most of the day.

Almost all the slots are filled for persons with ME/cfs. This is Funded by the NIH!!
Who is eligible? Healthy, low-active adults between 18-70 years ( I qualified!)
Perhaps someone who sits behind the computer all day and does not have a regular exercise program

Join a study of exercise capacity & activity level in healthy, inactive adults Made possible with funding from Grant number U54NS105541 NIH
Who is eligible?
Healthy, low-active adults between 18-70 years
Who is NOT eligible?
Smoker, or stopped smoking less than 1 year ago - Pregnant or breast feeding - Diabetic - Have a metabolic, cardiovascular and/or neuro-immune disease - Have an orthopedic limitation that prohibits cycle exercise
What must you do? -
Have a phone call with us to determine eligibility for the study-about 10 minutes. - If eligible, meet with your physician or our physician for clearance to participate in the study. During this meeting, urine and blood samples will be collected. You will not be charged any fee to be examined by our physician or for the blood and urine tests. Takes about 60 minutes. - Complete questionnaires about your health/medical history and physical activity level. Takes about 60 minutes. - Complete 2 exercise tests on a stationary cycle separated by 24 hours. Each test requires 8-12 minutes of exercise. A small amount of blood will be collected from your arm before and after each exercise test, and a single drop of blood from your fingertip before and after each test. The total test session is about 60 minutes per test. - You will wear a wrist watch device for 10 days before and 10 days after the exercise tests. It takes about 5 minutes to learn how to use this device.
Where is the testing being done?
Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY
or at the
ID Medical Office in Torrance, CA.
What will you get?
If you qualify as a subject, you will receive $200 upon completion of the study. You will get a report of your exercise test results, and how your test results compare to others who are your age and sex. This will provide information about your aerobic fitness level and baseline data for starting an exercise program if you are interested in doing so.
How long will this take?
The total time commitment for participation in this research study is about 4.5-5 hours, not including travel to and from the testing site.
How can I sign up or get more info?
For Ithaca, NY area contact Maria Russell at 607-274-7948 or For Torrance, CA area contact Jared Stevens: 209-599-7194 or More information at this website: http://ne
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People live long after 50 or 70. I am 73. I feel I have a LOT to offer that younger people do not. For example: How many of you had the Salk polio vaccine that didn't work? I did. I then had the new and improved sugar cube. I had "glandular fever" in second grade. I had full blown mono at the age of 19. I still tested positive for EB at the age of 60. I have tested positive for strep with zero sore throat. I have had all forms of measles, had the mumps, chickenpox - you name it. We get enough demoralization and prejudice at medical offices and yet we do not qualify for research., You people are missing a gold mine of invaluable information.

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